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Do you ever feel like a ghost?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43576points) February 28th, 2013

You’re there. You can see them. They can’t see you.
Yesterday, at work, I found that I can go to Fluther and see what you all are doing…but I can’t log on (firewall.) So I sit there for a bit, watching what all my friends are saying. I can laugh or say “No!!” or think “GA!!!!” but beyond that there is nothing I can do but watch. The Underground Railroad thread was VERY interesting!

So. Come Monday, know that I may be lurking! :)

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Yeah, i worked breifly in an office on the ground floor.
It had those windows that look like mirrors on the outside, but on the inside you can see through them.
I found myself just staring at people, without having to worry about them noticing me.

Some of the weirdest wanks I’ve ever had… Joking!

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There’s software you can use to deghost yourself, if you want. But if they sweep the machines regularly, I wouldn’t use it.

Anyway, I’m sorry you have to work for a company that is so out of touch with reality. I don’t suppose there is any chance of finding work where you can be yourself, instead of a ghost?

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@wundayatta No…I so understand why they would disallow social networking. Plenty of folks would play rather than work. I’m not one of them, but they have to assume the worst! I love my job.

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Know that I may be lurking…woooh…Bara bara, bere bere!! Oh yes!

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When I am in a particularly retrospect sort of place I can move silently streamlessly and scare the shit out people when I open my mouth or touch them.

I learned how to do it a bit when I am not in that phase but it’s not as awesome.

It is detached stillness. Room temperature demeanor. Forget that I don’t really know what it is. But I think I missed my calling as a peeping tom.

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