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Can someone forgive a relative of forgery?

Asked by sujenk7422 (613points) March 3rd, 2013

My two eldest brothers are co-executors to my deceased mother’s estate. While one lives closest to our mom, the other lives in Nashville, TN and he commutes back and forth to Pittsburgh. The one living close to the estate forged the other’s name on estate account checks; which required both signatures. Since his discovered actions, the family has discussed a compromise. If he would step down from co-executor’s position, sign an affidavit that he will repay the forged funds, then we wouldn’t want to see him go to jail. Is it legal to forgive a relative of forging your name on a estate checking account, or would the honest brother be considered an accomplice?

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Get a lawyer ! !

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Get a lawyer, and do not trust the promises of one who forged your name. Get the law on your side and then pull back after he acts correctly.

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I am not a lawyer

If forgery is a criminal offense (I assume it is, but I am not sure) the state would have to prosecute him for him to go to jail.

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