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Have you ever had a dream or feeling that you were someone or something else in a previous life?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) June 12th, 2008

since i was 7 years old i keep having these wierd dreams that i was someone else before, it’s strange but i feel as though it’s spirit is inside me.

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Sure I do! This is why I moved to Ireland – oh and when I was in Texas a couple of years ago I was ambushed in a shop by a woman who strangely had this very same past life memory…....seems a lot of people do!

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Do you have any resentment about who you are today?

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@wildflower – WOW… She must have been your long lost twin sister from your previous life!

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hahaha…..sure she was, upward :P
umm….I hope you lot get the underlying tone, considering I linked to

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@ wildflower

Sounds like a scam to sell books to me…

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I have this dream that I am someone else in my current life.

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déjà vu

Happens to me all the time.

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Oh no your not still in cork are you wildflower?

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Oh you were never there good, er never mind my Q ahahaha

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I was more wondering why you thought I’d left…

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Melonking must not have checked The Map

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No, but a “sensitive” told me I was an herbal healer somewhere in Eastern Europe in a past life. Also, a woman I did movement work with told me she dreamed that we had danced together before in a clearing in trees at night!

Weird, huh?

I never pursue stuff like that because I figure we are supposed to be focused on where we are now.

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