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Anyone have any great ideas for opening a bar or club? Themes? Hooks? Etc...?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 12th, 2008

in a city of course…

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If I had a realistic one – what makes you think I’d give it away here?

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@wildflower – don’t have an answer for that one. Just thought I would throw it out there. It takes a special kind of person to make an idea a reality, so if you aren’t serious about something, why not throw it out there and discuss, ala But I respectfully understand your stance.

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Are you trying to get rich off my ideas ?

: x

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Even if I’m not planning to realise my ideas – I might want to sell them to someone who does :)

But alright so, a freebie: a mod club! mod’s a fashion that was around in the 60’s, again in the 80’s and now in the 00’s – it’d a cool, eclectic, fashioncentric atmosphere with memorabilia and typical decorations, serving mod-tastic drinks.

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wildflower~ quick use a ™, © or a ®
; )

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haha – got loads more where that came from – besides, a screenshot and a half-decent lawyer will do ;)

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but symbols are fun ★ ♣ ♥

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name the bar with a symbol like prince did back in the day

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These are off the top of my head- they might already exist.

I always thought going for a niche crowd in a huge city would bring a nice following. Along that line, you could open a bar for tall people, short people, etc.

A classic approach seems to be going to a city where a famous musician is known to have frequented/lived and naming your bar after one of their songs. Along that thought, you could make one themed after a famous movie and hire actor look-alikes for bar-tenders/waiters.

My thoughts…

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@cheebdragon, was the club in Minneapolis?

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I think that you should have a club that exhibits every kind of addiction (lots of alcohol, sell cigarettes, internet porn workstations, etc) and have it right next to an addiction clinic of which you are the owner as well. This way, you will be able to capture revenue coming and going.

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You should make all the furniture out of barrels….. aa the simple joys of a barrel.

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@Melonking It might be difficult to stave off competitors.

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You need to have condom machines in all the bathrooms.

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My bar/resturant would have an all male staff, who are hot and toned. They’d wear white or black tight tee shirts with jeans. The mascot would be a buffed up rooster and the name…COCKS. Just like Hooters.

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HAHA I like Tia’s Answer! I will come visit your bar anytime girl.

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I just don’t see how any of these things compere to a barrel? I MEAN HOW COULD THEY?

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Duuude. Watch night at the roxbury. Use their idea. LOL.

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Tia~ what about naming it Balls? They should have a similar outfit as the hooters girls.

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No, would you want them serving your food?!

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Hahaha, I like the first one. It’s a WINNER fo sure!

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food should be kept above waist level…....
Cocks just doesn’t seem as degrading as hooters….

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Cheebdragon- True when I go there I feel uncomfortable for the ladies, even if most of them like to be leered at and hit on.

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you could take dane cook’s idea and name it TGI Lick My Pussy

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