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Does fighting with your S/O ruin your whole day?

Asked by Bub (186points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

It does for me.

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It can if it was a bad one. I usually can’t handle a whole day, though. I work toward some resolution before then, as does he. We at least email or talk on the phone and schedule time to talk about it when we are together again.

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no, its more of a game between my bf and myself, its almost fun I think.

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Not usually. It does give me a certain amount of nervous energy, though. I

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Ruin my day? Pshhh. Sometimes it makes it better. Rawr =)

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Oh man, that sure has happened in the past. I think that, as I have grown and absorbed more about the opposite sex, I am way better at taking it in stride. It is important that a couple not have arguments or fights like that (all day ones) very often, but it is also important that those involved know how to relax through and communicate to resolve conflict…There I go being psychology girl. You know what I mean. lol.

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what’s so?

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so = significant other = spouse…....get it?

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It did early in our relationship, but now we can usually find resolution pretty quickly. After all….a relationship is not 50/50, but rather 100/100.

You have to put 100% in to a relationship without expectations.

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