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Cat had a fight with a raccoon, should I be concerned?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) July 31st, 2010

My cat is over 10 years old but just had a physical fight with a mama raccoon and/or one of her 4 babies. I am not sure exactly what happened, the noise woke me up and i found them all in my garage. My cat has her rabies shot and seems like she isn’t physically hurt. Just a few minor cuts. Should I be concerned about any other diseases?

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I’d take her to the vet. It never hurts to be cautious. I’m not sure, but I think the rabies vaccine isn’t some kind of cure. Even if your cat has had the shot, she might still get sick.

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Call your vet and ask on Monday.

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Check every square inch of her to make sure that her fur isn’t hiding a deep puncture wound which may only look like a pinprick but could be hiding a potential infection which develops into a nasty abcess.

Do this for several days. Animal bites of all types can carry all sorts of weird bacteria as well as rabies.

But give your Vet a call tomorrow and follow their advice. If they tell you to bring the cat in, don’t hesitate. Better safe than sorry.

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I’d be concerned if my cat had a fight with any other animal that would cause it serious harm. If you have concerns about whether your cat is in pain or if it’s acting strange i’d take it to the vets. Better sooner than later.

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I agree with those above, best to consult your vet.
The potential for infection or, as @Buttonstc said, abscess is a concern. Cats are very prone to abscessed wounds, and they are no fun.

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It’s a remote chance, but serious—raccoons are carriers for rabies. They don’t get sick or show any symptoms but they can infect those that they bite. Hopefully your vaccines are up to date.

I don’t want to scare you, but it is something to be aware of. Don’t “wait and see” on this, because you don’t want even the slightest chance on jumping on treatment before your cat gets too sick to treat.

This is just to show you that I’m not pulling your leg.

Ack, just read the recommended treatment for cats. Better find the raccoon. Very sorry.

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I think in the most important sentence in that report for your case would be :

“Animals that are current on Rabies vaccinations should be revaccinated immediately…....”

So, I guess you’ll definitely be taking her to the Vet ASAP. I had no idea that revaccinating was indicated. Interesting.

Makes me glad mine have always been indoor-only cats.

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Animals up to date on their rabies vaccines who have an encounter with wildlife should have their rabies boostered within 48 hours of exposure.

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Yes, I’d have her checked out and see if they reccomend a a rabies booster.

I have a mama coon and her 3 babies coming around every night too, so far so good, but often the cats are right on the garage landing or perched on their cat shelf right above her and the gang.

Sometimes they meet at the kitty door.

My female is aggressive, my male just curious.

Usually cats and raccoons don’t take issue with each other but…when food or babies are involved it can heighten the risk of an aggressive encounter.

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Another reason to take your cat to the vet is that raccoons can carry more than rabies. Watch her for a while to make sure there’s no illness.

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take him to the vet to be safe

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