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For what reason would someone put their crazy, personal dramatic issues on Facebook?

Asked by jca (35976points) June 11th, 2014

On Facebook, one of my friends, (married with kids), put the details of a big fight she had with her husband. He came home, he said this, F him, she threw the wedding ring down the toilet, he is leaving now, me and the kids will be moving out, etc. I didn’t comment, but some of her friends sent hugs and said kind words. If I know her, this has happened a bunch of times in the past and things will be patched up shortly.

I can’t imagine why someone would put their crazy crap on Facebook like that.

I know nobody can be sure what this person’s specific reasoning is, but there may be some theories.

Can you help me understand what some possibilities could be?

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Drama mongers. Sheesh….can you spell D-y-s-f-u-n-c-t-i-o-n-a-l? haha
I quit FB about 3 years ago, some of my old and ex friends just bored me to tears with their dreary daily details. I do not CARE that you are making a Pork Loin for dinner or that you are having your carpets cleaned, or, OMG! What color granite should I pick for my new kitchen counters?

B-o-r-i-n-g superficial drivel.

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In the study of transactional analysis she is playing a game called “ain’t it awful”. She wins by getting your sympathy and you lose by feeling sorry for her and giving up your time and energy.

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Remember that question the other day about facebook whores?

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It really is embarrassing. I have a drama friend like that. Then a few days later she posts about how wonderful her husband is.

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Because some people are crazy and, personally, a bit dramatic at times. They have issues, pretty much.

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All the above or perhaps she’s lonely and doesn’t know who else to tell or perhaps she’s just a bit stupid.

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I agree with the above.

And my guess: maybe they think that’s what Facebook are for, for posting crappy reports of your daily life to get attention/praises/sympathy. Facebook is a “social website”, a place for socializing and expressing opinion, so what is so wrong with telling the world what happens to you today?

Some people are addicted to Facebook to the point that they will post anything they think there like what @Coloma said.

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…or perhaps (s)he’s just a bit stupid.

@Earthbound_Misfit: I am officially adopting this as my standard response to most situations like this. Perfect.

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They found their niche

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I’ve seen worse than that on my sister’s facebook (I don’t have one myself). The answer is simple, they’re attention seekers and trouble magnets. These people need hobbies and interests outside of their immediate little worlds.

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You know what’s amazing? If she didn’t put it on FB, I’d never know she’s nuts. In real life she’s sweet, a great mom, etc. Apparently there’s the personal side that the hubby sees at home that’s totally different.

Once you put craziness like that out there, you can’t take it back. The cat is out of the bag.

I say nothing. I just watch and follow, silently.

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Maybe for support

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A cry for help.

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Lack of boundaries.

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There’s a really good chance that she was in emotional turmoil and didn’t know where else to go to vent. Many of us don’t have uber-close friends we can call and scream at when we need to scream at someone, and typing onto that familiar blue-and-white screen is better than punching a brick wall until our hands are broken.

Cut her some slack. Hide the post if you don’t want to see it. Call her if you want to help her through it.

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God, what a nightmare it must be to be married to someone so volatile and then so sickeningly indiscreet. And then saddled with children so that you couldn’t just walk away from her without notice. I would find a way to remove her from my life permanently as soon as possible.

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When I see rants like this, I immediately take it as someone begging for attention. I don’t think my network needs to know of my problems and I wouldn’t want their spirits to be snuffed by my dismalness.

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@Seek, you are a genuinely good person. I lurve you.

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@jca One of my classmates is similar to that woman: she is the class representative, quite active and cheerful. She is a nice person generally, but she has a habit to post every single of her feelings on Facebook, even her dating activities with her boyfriend. Some friends of mine complain about that, saying she “lacks of decency”.

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I think the key word here is crazy

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@Espiritus_Corvus No kidding. I have a 9×11 persian rug, the perfect old movie rug to roll up that psycho and toss ‘em in the landfill. lol

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Sympathy and support.

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@Coloma It becomes a matter of self-preservation. And making sure those kids are no longer exposed to her would be top priority.

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Wait…she is crazy cuz she had a fight with her husband and flushed her ring?

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^ I was thinking the same thing, especially if they always makeup, that is utterly Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.

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@Hypocrisy_Central that was a question, not a statement. I have thrown my wedding ring across the room before. (never flushed it though)

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Maybe she has nowhere else to turn.

Most humans are guilty of inane chatter, aren’t they? Why did you ask this question? Why are we discussing some strangers’ facebook posts? Because we’re human. We love to share…joy, sadness, and – most of all – drama.

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