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Any idea what this plant is?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11160points) March 18th, 2013

My Dad was getting rid of some of his plants, so I nabbed this one.

What is it?

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It looks like a sedum of some sort.

“Sedum” is a huge family of over 400 plants. The one you have looks similar to outdoor varieties that I’ve seen (which may be why it looks so leggy).

If you lose any of the leaves, let them dry out for a day or so and then stick the end in some soil – they root quite easily for propagation.

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My grandpa has tons of those plants! He has a green thumb and can make those grow beautifully! I’ll see if my mom knows what it’s called. Be back shortly.

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I can’t open the link, which is too bad, because I love trying to ID plants.

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That’s strange, @gailcalled. Anyone else having an issue with the link?

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@Mama_Cakes The link worked for me. I like your cat. Seems a happy one.

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@Mama_Cakes: I still can’t open it.

@marinelife: I can’t open your link either.

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Sorry, @gailcalled , it must be something on your end. I can open @marinelife‘s just fine.

I could send it to your FB email?

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Could it be sedum sieboldii?

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Wonderful. Thank-you. I love my newest addition. :)

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@Mama_Cakes: I just saw the picture on F/B.
Thanks for that.

Clearly a succulent of of some sort. Marina’s suggestion seems to fit. Many of them do look alike.

As wise @syz says, you can propagate the leaves and populate every home in S***ia, if you are looking for a new hobby. Don’t be afraid to give yours a little haircut, either.

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@Mama_Cakes : Mysteriously the link in your question just opened, nicely and docilely, for me. A mystery. It still is a succulent.

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It looks like a relative to the Christmas Cactus.

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As I keep looking at it, it looks as if a Jade plant and a Christmas Cactus was mixed. The stem looks like a Jade plant but the leaf looks like a variation of the Christmas Cactus.

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