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What is your favorite pattern in nature?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) June 12th, 2008

I am fascinated by the beauty everywhere in nature: the intricate foliage of a hemlock or Japanese maple, the patterns left by waves in the sand, the incredible complex beauty of the markings in animals’ fur.

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I love so many, but here are a few of my favorites: Peacock Feathers, The Leaves During Autumn, Leopard Fur, and so much more.

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Fractal and logarithmic Romanesco broccoli.

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crop circles

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I like the look of a desert sunset, really really blue seas, the detail of weathered wood, lightning, and TONS more…

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Paua shell. The inside of the the Paua, a type of abalone, consists of swirls of bright blue, green, pink and purple iridescence.

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Spiral aloe and split-leaf philodendon. Both of which can be seen here

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@ playthebanjo : funny, made me laugh.

Honey combs

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The nautilus is pretty amazing.

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I loved seeing the Northern Lights, the intricateness of seashells, the ocean’s waves and Alaska’s glaciers are all beautiful and amazing things.

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Oh and clouds also…I have seen some amazing patterns/things in the clouds (I won’t get into all of that).

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Certain species of trees will occasionally produce a genetic variation that causes the wood fibers to undulate instead of running straight up the tree. When the wood from these rare trees is cut at a certain angle, these fibers reflect light in beautiful patterns. These boards are sold to furniture and instrument makers for outrageous sums. Here are pictures of a couple of the possible variations in maple: this pattern is called “flame”, and this is called “quilted”.

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Rocks in a stream.

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the lush green mountains that u see from a far.

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Spring is my favorite season. I love new life. Baby animals crawling around with their new moms learning the world. Flowers in bloom spreading color. The amizing smell after a spring rain. I think in heaven it will be spring year around.

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I love the delicate and complexity of a spider web. They can be so beautiful if caught in the right sunlight or with drops of water on them.

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I’ve always liked woodgrain and maple leaves. I’ll also concur with leopard fur, there’s something specific to leopards that makes it really beautiful.

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