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Parents: what's the cutest/funniest thing your kid ever said?

Asked by PupnTaco (13885points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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well, my baby is 21 months now, he is starting to talk, yeah! Finally!!! He says four words in Spanish, we’re mexicans, he say “donde?” which means “where?” he also say “press” the name of his favorite stuffed animal, he say “agua” which means “water” and “mira” which is “look”, now i know you asked the funiest thing, to me, everytime he say any of those words, makes me smile, he’s getting funnier, LOL

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When my daughter was close to two-years-old she would open books and “read.” She would just repeat “bidago bidago bidago” as she read aloud to us. Still cracks me up. She also used to stick the Mr. Potato Head ears in her ears (she never ruptured anything), his mouth in her mouth, and his glasses on her eyes! I always threaten to post that video on her MySpace.

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My oldest son was full of pithy observations. While playing Nintendo, age seven: “you’d better get straight or I’ll translate you into a windless brick.”

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I don’t have any kids (by choice) but a long time ago I took my nephew (4 years old) to the movie theater (Lion King——showing my age) and during the big music production number and intense scene he stood on his chair (sometime during this—he kept inching up) and when the music ended and the screen went black he said,
___________________ “Wow that was a FANTASTIC scene!” __________________
I could hear laughing mom’s nearby because here was this super small little boy using such a big word in a sentence, correctly…

I asked him questions on the way home to this day I don’t know where that child got that vocabulary and eloquent speech from.

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I don’t have any kids, but I have several young neices and nephew.

My 4 year old neice told my sister that she “looked like a garden in spring.”

My 2 year old nephew and I were watching spiderman cartoons and he went to go get a toy from his room to show me, as he was leaving he said, “Let me know what happens!”
Another time, my two sisters and I were standing in front of the couch and he wanted to get past us to get up on the couch so he said, “excuse me, ladies.”

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When my daughter was 2 1/2, she ran out of her room, crying, “My burp spilled, my burp spilled.” I was really confused until I got a closer look. She’d been sick for the first time…and that was her description of what happened.

She also used to call strawberries “straw-babies” and cantaloupe “loupe-loupe”.

Last year I caught her playing with her dolls. She was bouncing around the daddy doll as if he was reciting a commercial for Countrywide Mutual. She was rattling off percentage rates, the term “home re-fi”, other financial jargon…I couldn’t quote her if I wanted to.

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I just read the following story on someone’s LiveJournal:

The daughter of a friend of mine (who was 8) got a book light for her birthday. And it was fairly obvious she copied from the box when she wrote her thank you letter. It said “Dear Grandma, thank you for the book light. Now I can read in bed without disturbing my partner.”

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