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How much is gas where you live?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) June 12th, 2008

It’s about $3.99 where I live (Southern Illinois).

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$1.70/liter here in montreal.

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$4.39 a gallon for regular. Seattle

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@babygalll Yes, but the prices have changed a good bit in a week!

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Right on Marina. Paid 4.38.9 in Redmond this afternoon.

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Davis, California: $4.51 is the cheapest.

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@ babygalll Sorry, I searched and nothing came up.

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I paid $4.11 for Regular and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

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Thank you babygalll for the second link. Although, like Marina said, they have changed in the last week.

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You can just answer the same question.

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West of Los Angeles CA I had to pay $ 4.79

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It’s around $4.50 in Sacramento, but it will probably top $5 soon just to cover the ever-increasing cost of screwing us.

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$3.89 in Memphis, TN…just 15 minutes away in West Memphis, AR, home of the cheapest gas in the world, gas was only $3.79 as of yesterday.

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$3.96 per gallon, Palm Harbor FL

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there is something in the news about a cartel in Quebec. I don’t know much details, but the Canadian and u.s. Governments are going to investigate.

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It’s really depressing that I envy those of you who are paying under $4. Remember when a gallon was $0.89?

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@Allie – when i was in college the cheapest gas in town was $0.89. when it rose above $1.00, we all freaked out. I could fill up my old Civic for $10! i went to California around that time and saw prices at $1.32 and I was amazed. it made me appreciate the region I live in.

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ccatron: I live in Davis, Ca and I remember when I was probably about 10 or 11 seeing gas prices around $0.90. Hmpf… I wish it was like that now.

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@melonking- Is that €3,90 per litre or per gallon? If per gallon, is that an imperial or standard gallon?

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it was $3.99 in Nashville TN today.

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