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Where was your weirdest tanline?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6773points) June 12th, 2008

once i fell asleep on my back with my hand on my stomach. i woke up 3 hours later and there was a huge hand-sheped spot on my belly.

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Went tubing for several hours. Had a weird harlequin effect. Red on my front (top side in the inner tube) half and dead fish belly white on the back—and there was a line.

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My friends drew a smiley face and a star on my back in sunscreen once and I got very badly burnt. They stayed there for about 6 months. I also have a permanent zootsuit tan from rowing.

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I tried to put sunscreen on my own back. I got to the space between my shoulder blades and thought I had done a pretty good job. So I went to lay out with my friend and when I got back in the hotel room she looked at my back chuckled. Turns out I had my own handprint where I had reached. After getting more sun it was gone in a couple days thank goodness.

I also did this one on purpose: The same friend and I put heart-shaped stickers on our hip and then we’d go out in the sun for the day. When we took a shower, we would replace the stickers. After about four or five days of being in the sun with the stickers we took them off and had a little heart-shaped tan where the stickers were. It was kind of cute.

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Once wore a 1-piece bathing suit on holiday with straps down the sides – it’s weird to be tanned in stripes down your sides!
I couldn’t even do much to even it out because then I’d risk burns on the already tanned parts!

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As a small child, I fell asleep under an upside-down laundry basket and when I woke up, I had a checkered sunburn. Seriously! Gack!

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I played soccer in high school and had a lovely knee-only tan for four years.

About two months ago my bangs left a lovely, white swoop shape on my forehead after staying in the sun too long.

I currently have a small circle on the inside of my right calf that got burned, and is now tan. (I think it happened at the same time as the now infamous bangs tan.)

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I laid on my stomach for too long on the beach and my entire back was sun burnt & red while my front side was completely normal.

I have a nice little tan line on my wrist from the sweat band i wore while playing tennis and, of course, the tan line on my ring finger from my wedding rings.

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I used to work at a carwash when I was a kid. And I’d wear TopSiders without socks all day.

So, half of the top of my foot would be tanned a deep, dark brown… and the other half would be fish-belly white. So, if I was elsewhere walking around without shoes on, people’d come up and ask what was wrong with my feet.

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fell asleep on my stomach and the strings from my bikini top spread out in the shape of a bow on my back. had pretty distinct tan line for the rest of the vacation.

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