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Ladies, did peri-menopause cause an increase in PMS?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) April 1st, 2013

I have never had much of a problem with PMS, but over the past couple of years it has been getting steadily worse. The only thing I can think of that might be responsible is that I am approaching menopause. Has anyone experienced an increase in PMS with peri-menopause? Any tips for dealing with it or improving the situation?

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Yes, the 6 years before the final showdown was insane. ( 43–49.5 )
Periods going from every 2 weeks to every other month, hot flashes galore, random breast pain, sometimes only one. haha’
Then, after 2–3 years of weirdness I settled into an every other month cycle, then every 3rd month, 4th month..and FINALLY…the end. I am 4 years out…now orgasms are feeble and desire os low…but no hormones for me.
Who cares..I have more than enough great sex to last a lifetime. lol

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I know two women who complained of pretty bad PMS during peri-menopause when they never previously had much of anything related to their cycle, except for maybe some cramps or bloating during their period. They mostly talked about having more of a temper and less patience than anything else. They might have also had other symptoms though, I don’t know.

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I don’t blame my occasional crankieness on hormones, I blame it on the fact that I am old enough to scrap the idealism of youth and look at this crazy world with clear vision. That is enough to make anyone, male or female, grumpy!

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For me there was no change in PMS, but my periods got more difficult, heavier and with more cramping. I finally stopped – on a dime – just after my 57th birthday. Enough already.

Standard tips; heat, advil, rest, isolation, afternoon soap operas and chicken soup.

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Yes. My PMS moved to PMDD and I take Prozac for it. It helps, and am glad to not be a complete mess for those two weeks. That was the other thing that happened with peri-menopause; the time frame for the emotional part of the PMDD has gone from one week to almost two.

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Yes, it did.

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I never had PMS until after the birth of my second child, I fed her for 2 years then whammy it hit. Not linked perimenopausally as I’m not there yet ( ha get it Are we there yet) but I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse.

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Absolutely! More pain, more moodiness, more necessary chocolate, the whole shabang. The best part is that it usually goes on for years, until menopause is completely over. Enjoy….Not. lol

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