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What word(s) do you always spell wrong?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) June 13th, 2008

I always spell accommodate, (amazingly got it RIGHT this time!!) and ridiculous wrong.

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Barrel. I used to spell parallel and satellite wrong, but I’m over that.

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I used constantly get “advice” and “advise” mixed up – until I was writing my 15 annual reviews and my boss corrected it and sent them all back to me to redo….(she was a native English speaker, so on some level I appreciated it).

I have fierce problems with “attendance” – I’m always tempted to spell it “attendence”.
Oh, and “traveling”. For some reason I always think it should have 2 l’s.

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beginning…......i confuse the n’s

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I used to spell throughout throught instead of the correct spelling. I had some weird mental block.

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i get traveling wrong too and also want to put 2 Ls

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I seem to always type in Mircorsoft the first time. No idea why.

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Had to re-read that before I spotted the fault :)

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Among others “Gauge”, when all my instincts scream that it should be “guage”
My particular weakness is to use or not use double letters; I’d be unintelligible without spellcheck.

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realy , awnser and wich where the 3 most common ones, now i’ve corrected myself on them, “it’s really the answers in which is excel”

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Anything with consecutive vowels.


I always screw words like those up. The vowels end up flipped around.

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If I’m in the middle of a decent typing rant (i.e. most of my emails), I often type my name wrong…..kinda disturbing.

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@wildflower travelling with two ls is an alternate spelling although you do not see itmuc anymore.

One of mine is judgment, which by all rules of English ought to be spelled judgement. Like travelling with two ls, the latter is an alternative spelling, but almost no one uses it now.

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you guys are picking a lot of my favorites! i also misspell nauseaus (like right now. it is spelled nauseous)

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I mess up necessarily. Thank goodness for the little red line that always pops up under that word.

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sense. i always use “since” incorrectly. as in, “that doesn’t make any since”

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I used to put two Ls in canceled and traveled.

And, in typing, I always accidentally type “because” as “becuase.”

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I am terrible with separate. Seems that is should be seperate. Wrong Wrong Wrong.

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I can spell the word “painting” with a pencil, but when I type it, it always comes out “paianting”.

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anything with double letters: success, recommend, necessary, etc. Did I spell these correctly?

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@tiny—i’m the same!

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@Sueanne _ T: Separate . Right Right Right. (I don’t mean to confuse you – really.)

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Disambiguation. Then I found Wikipedia.

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Sadly, colledge. I know it is wrong but it pops out that way.

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Hilarious is always with two Ls when I type it.
Believe is spelled beleive, although I’m beginning to overcome that one.

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I would be better off highlighting the ones I can spell in the dictionary.
I spell image like this when I type it. “imm(delete)age”
I am getting better thanks to gailcalled and all the help I got at this question:

“How do I become a better speller?” if you search for that there are all sorts of great tips.

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@gail: You mean separate has to be spelled with a capital S?

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Yock yock; only if it starts a sentence (or even a sentence fragment).

And let us forget that I misread your answer. (Let us, please?)

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The nuns that taught me in grammar school were great at coming up with fun things to help us remember how to spell certain words.

Separate: “You can’t separate a rat from it’s tale” a rat then the tail is the “e””.
Embarrassment: “Two robbers (rr) from Sing Sing (ss) were embarrassed they were caught”.
Principal: The principal is my pal.

Oh, and steven. “It’s not good to get a “d” in college”.

There were many others, but those are the two I can remember and have used the most.

The ones that I figured out that I was mixing up: capitol and capital: ol is the building, I think of the capitol dome in Washington DC and many of the states, it is in the shape of an “o” if you stand under it and look up. The other spelling is the place itself.

Off the track a bit, my son couldn’t remember the order of the Great Lakes for a test on a blank map of the U.S. I came up with this pneumonic: “Somebody’s Mother Has Enormous Oranges”. That is the order of the lakes from west to east: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. All of his friends that he told that to, got them correct on the test.

This time last year, I was actually in:
That site gives the pronunciation. Good luck.
They told us then that it is not the longest name in the world, but it does have the longest .com name:
If you go to that site, you will see there is a train station that has a name longer than that in Wales, and places in New Zealand and Thailand with longer names. Thailand wins the prize.

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@Seesul Mnemonic (rather than plague)? By the way, that was a great one you came up with. I suspect the boys enjoyed the double entendre aspect especially! As to those place names, what’s wrong with Smithville or the Welsh or Maori equivalent?

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Point one: oops, but it was Saturday morning, that’s the only excuse I can come up with right now. Thanks for the correction.

Point two: Again your speculation is correct. I thought of it the night before the test, as he had 100 points on the US map to memorize. When he told me he shared that with his friends (yes, all male teens, thus they all remembered it as well) I inquired whether or not, he listed the source. Of course he did. I got smiles and thanks from all of them the next time I saw them. Oh well, anything for education, right?

Point three: Nothing is wrong with them, the first was just pointed out before and I was adding to it. I also knew where the link was for pronunciation. Can’t saw that for the others. The first has just become famous and a tourist stop, which was how I got there. The tour busses stop at it and our driver could pronounce the name. The marketing worked, obviously.

When we did stop they told us about the city in Thailand. The claim they gave us was the longest in Europe, but then the site mentions the longer one in Wales, so I guess they were wrong. I knew there was an in between in NZ, because I was told of that when I was there, but didn’t get to it. It was just a list of the longest in the world, and hardest to spell. I think the Maori one is the easiest, more phonetic. Hawaiian I find very easy, once you break it down because it was simply sounded out into English and written down. Much simpler pronunciation rules than standard English as well.

OH! I just remembered one more nunism:
Which do you want to eat more of dessert or desert?

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@Seesul I was apparently not clear in my place name comment. It was meant as a marvel over the length of those consonant-rich tongue twisters. Sorry if my weak attempt at humor fell flat.

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@stevenb: That is horrendous!

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I don’t have spell check on this computer, so this is probably wrong. necessity and definitely is another tough one.

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Somone probably said this already, but I sometimes spell parallel parrallel.

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I love this question. It’s unique and fun. Speaking of unique, I spell that word wrong a lot. I also spell react and commit wrong. The only reason they are spelled right is because I looked them up before I answered your question.

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excellent. I do battle over excellant and exellent and excelent always forgetting the two “ll“s

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i think i spelled it wrong!
correct me if i’m wrong!

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