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Has anyone refaced their kitchen cabinets?

Asked by syz (35525points) April 12th, 2013

Did you like the result? Was it worth it?

I need a kitchen renovation, but I don’t have the money. I’ve painted the cabinets for the time being, but I’m looking for options.

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Man have I! In several houses. My husband and I just counted it up yesterday and we have done 22 complete remodels since we have been married! That doesn’t count the apartments but it does count some vacation rentals that we have done.
Money is an issue. They are not cheap. You can get some cheap ones from Lowes or Home Depot that will look nice for a few years but you have to ask yourself how long you plan to live there.
You will also have to change out the counter tops, and while you’re at it it would be silly to keep the same old sink and faucet.
After that you need to realize that tearing out the old cabinets will probably mess up your floor covering so budget to replace that too. How about appliances? Will your old dishwasher look OK in your new cabinets? How about your stove? Is it free standing? Do you really want to put your old range hood in brand new cabinets?
I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but I doubt there is a way to do it cheap.
Even just getting new doors and drawer faces is a waste to me. If the doors and drawers are icky chances are the boxes are too.

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We had a complete kitchen remodel, much as outlined above, including new cabinet doors. Most of the remodel was under one contract, but one unexpected expense was re-painting the insides of the refaced cabinets, which was not included in the original bid. I truly love the results, but it was very expensive.

I was amazed at the number of choices I had to make, from what kind of faucets I wanted to what should be done with the switch plate and outlet covers. I got rid of my china cabinet, so I had one door replaced with a glass pane door and I enjoy displaying my fine china.

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I just realized you said resurfacing instead of replacing. I broke my glasses and I’m using an old prescription. sorry.

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Its a cheaper option than cabinet replacement. As mentioned remodel jobs will disrupt your life for a few days even longer. And cost thousands.They won’t be like brand new wood cabinets but they look ok. Its the replacement cabinet doors that make most the difference because the new skinovers are but a small area compared to them.

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No but I knew someone who did and she said it was a big messy job.

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We’ve done it in several of our flip houses. We contracted it out and it is very cheap compared to new cabinets. If the bones of your cabinets are good, why replace them? When you reface, you get new doors/drawers and hardware. It is beautiful if done correctly. Laminate goes over all the surfaces visible on the outside of the cabinets. It is really an amazing makeover. I’d highly recommend having it done.

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