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Have you ever bowled a 300?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46255points) April 18th, 2013

I did, but it didn’t count because the first frame of the first game was open, but I threw 15 strikes after that, into the first 3 or 4 frames of the next game.

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No. Closest I ever got was a 281 – and that was a LONG time ago. But it was in a single game.

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Oh! That’s just about 2 strikes away, isn’t it!

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Good lord, no! I’m lucky if I break 100. But my dad has bowled 3 perfect games now (he’s a amateur league player).

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When my husband and I joined a bowling league, about 10 years ago, my mom gave me all of her 600 series patches. She had about 20 of them. Thanks mom! No pressure there!

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Congratulations! Even if it didn’t qualify, it must have made you feel good.

As for me, not even close. When I was on a bowling league, I received an award for Most Improved at the end of the season. Either my best score or the average was 131. Pathetic, but it was fun.

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:) It was a highlight, @Pied_Pfeffer. I was in a zone. Just “BAM BAM BAM!” I could have thrown it in the gutter and it would have bounced out and gotten a strike. :) I wound up with 280 the first game, and….240? or so the second game.

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I don’t think I’ve ever bowled more than 50.

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@Dutchess_III Wow. Did the pressure build after each turn?

@downtide LOL! Do they even have bowling alleys in England?

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300? This is Blasphemy. Madness even.

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Yes the pressure mounted! Everyone in the place was watching me, too!

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@Pied_Pfeffer yes we do. I just (clearly) don’t visit them much.

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Yes, but only on the Wii! :)

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