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Who's celebrating Milo's and my fifth anniversary, besides us, of course?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) April 18th, 2013

Last year

And quoting myself (again) from our first anniversary, “The catnip brownies and smoked mouse arrived on time. Thanks to those who made the effort but it’s still not too late for cake.” Repeating myself, it is STILL not too late for cake.

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Have a happy day you two. I wish I knew a catnip hangover cure but I hope the revelry will be worth the repercussions.

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Sooo sweet that you two found each other! Congratulations on a happy union! :)

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Can I wear my pj’s and flipflops to the party? (Can Milo wear his?)

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Can’t you hear the mariachi band, the limbo game and see the strobe lights at the party I am hosting here in New Jersey? Fancy feast and elegant tofu curries are on the menu; the Boston Symphony Orchestra is playing Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” in the background.

It is quite the party!!

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I thought I heard a rumpus in the distance. Presumably the orchestra will simply repeat “Winter” given the temps. here today.

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Congratulations, you make a nice couple. I’ll ready the aspirin and warm milk for the after party hangover.

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Hair of the Cat, more catnip ! !

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Do you think M might give me the long-overdue ring today, or is that getting my hopes up too high?

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Why should Milo buy the cow if the milk is free? I wouldn’t expect a ring. You’ll have to play hard to get next Spring and hope for the best.

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@gailcalled But what if you don’t like the ring? And did you dream about him last night?

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Well, congratulations! What does Milo have to say about it? Hey…can we see a picture of him?

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@gailcalled: Next you will be asking if it’s possible that you are pregnant.

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I warmly acknowledge that you are more than proud to let your pussy be exposed to the masses, fearless stuff.

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@ucme Trust you to go there!

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Could Milo be pregnant?

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@janbb B…bb…bbb…bbu…but i’ve never even met @gailcalled let alone “went there”, what an outrageous suggestion!

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Happy Anniversary Gail & Milo!
I am sure Marwyn will contribute some bread, maybe with a nice crab dip. :-)

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I hope it’s not too cold for an elegant picnic al fresco for the two of you. A little champagne, a strolling musician, carpaccio on a glass plate, dead mousies…....

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Champagne is chilling. Happy anniversary!

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I’ll hoist a cup or three.

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I wanted to find a cool outhouse picture as a gift, but I can’t find anything about an outhouse that isn’t gross, or about Star Wars for some reason. I know you’d get the joke!

Joyeux anniversaire, yo. :D

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Blue and I send our love!

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This thread made me laugh, and I needed that.

Happiest of anniversaries to you and Milo, @gailcalled. I’ll brew a special pot of tea from loose leaves just for the occasion and have a cup in your honor.

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MIlo here

No comments on just how lucky Gail is to have me to come home to?

@Symbeline: MIlo here; I don’t need another outhouse, but thanks. The one that Gail cleans daily is just fine. It’s indoors with good heat and high-end double-ply toilet paper.

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I like that pillow in the pic. :D

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Hi Milo! Yeah…where’d you get the pillow @gailcalled? It’s cool.

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Yay! I remember when you had no idea what to do with a cat. Milo taught you well. I still say he needs an attitude adjustment, but his kittynality is just too stubborn.

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Congrats to the happy couple! Milo is a lot less troublesome than many men, and he is incredibly handsome. Who’d have pegged you as a cat owner, gailcalled?

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Ah. That’s why I lit all these candles. I lit them, but couldn’t remember why! Happy fifth anniversary. Oh,oh. Got to go. I hear fire engines.

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Jessie and I are sending hugs, slobbers and kisses to both of you!

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* * * M * E * O * W * * *

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Congrats to you both!

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Happy anniversary! I baked a Triple Chocolate Fudge cake for you to devour while my kittehs, Chewy and Yoda, made a Catnip Cake for Milo! There might be some cat hair in that one. Sorry.

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I’m hoping Gail invites me over for some of that Triple Chocolate fudge cake!

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I found this great new Caterer named Mr. Whiskers, who put together this nice spread together for Milo.

These are for you.

These are for both of you : )

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Happy anniversary to my favorite trans-species couple.

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Happy anniversary, from Chance and Mouse (who is having a beer in honor of the occasion)!

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Thanks to everyone (well, almost) for keeping the lighthearted tone.

We both have laughed a lot. However, Milo ate everything, including the treats meant for me.

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