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Is there software to convert jpg to Word or PDF?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9624points) April 19th, 2013

I have some text documents that were scanned in as jpg files. (My printer/scanner can only produce jpg files.) They don’t contain any pictures or images, just text. Is there software that can convert the text into a Word document or a PDF?

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You are looking for optical character recognition software.

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Try This but also do a Google search on “jpg to text”

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Google for OCR software. Make sure that it supports JPEG images.

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@XOIIO Yes, I guess what I need is OCR software.
@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Thanks for the link!

Does anyone know of other free ones?

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@2davidc8 I tend to avoid the freebies because the reality is they have to monetize them somehow. Most likely, their method of choice completely ignores your interests. They may install tracking cookies, rouge software, or simply gather and sell email list for soammers.

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@ETpro Duly noted. Thank you.

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