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Will the computer work?

Asked by 8magnum8 (121points) April 22nd, 2013 from iPhone

Hey guys I was just wondering if this computer could record minecraft, this computer is in my budget and if it could record minecraft I will buy it, but I don’t want to buy it, not be able to record minecraft, and just have another computer that can’t record, here are some specs…

Raidmax Tornado Black/Blue Steel ATX Case

AMD FX-4100 4.2GHz Quad-Core

ASRock N68-VS3 FX AM3+ w/ GeForce 7025

4GB(1×4GB) DDR3 1600MHz

160GB 7200Rpm SATA Hard Drive

DVDROM/DVD Reader Drive

Integrated GeForce 7025 Graphics

Chances are @jerv will know the answer to this one :)

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Sounds good, sorta like my computers specs. I would only suggest a larger hard drive and an Nvidia Graphics Card, we have a 728 MB card that is amazingly good. Other than that, sounds good but may want a second opinion.

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