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Just bought a new PC Game but can't get past the setup?

Asked by 8magnum8 (121points) January 19th, 2014 from iPhone

I just bought Formula 1 2013 for my computer and I downloaded it and ran it, and when I got into the game, it asked me to press the gas pedal, and it said like y or x axis or something I don’t remember (ps. I have a momo steering wheel hooked up to it) so I pressed the gas pedal and nothing happened, then I pressed the brake pedal and it moved on and asked me to press the brake and it said it was like the ym axis or something like that, so I pressed the brake pedal (again) and nothing happened. I pressed the gas pedal and all the buttons in the steering wheel. I even tries pressing the paddle shifters but nothing worked. There’s no way that I have found to get around this and into the pause menu so I exited out of the game. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up the gas pedal For gas and the brake pedal as the brake somewhere else so u can actually play the game.

PS. I have windows 8.1

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I would think your computer would be able to run a new game. Are you good on RAM? I’d have to see the game requirements and your system requirements to see what’s going on but if I had to guess I’d say you have a wimpy graphics card. I’m trying to think of everything… Are the came controllers properly installed and everything? Before you play make sure all other programs are off. That’s all I got for now. I’ll wait on some other answers. Maybe someone can come up with something better.

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I think your buttons are reversed, you can change them in your preferences selection.

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I would set up the Momo steering wheel first. It sounds like Windows is having issues with the driver that are unrelated to the game. The control panel has a section for game controllers… or at least did under win7 and earlier versions. Better yet, did your wheel come with an install disc? Factory drivers tend to work best.

So long as Windows cannot handle your steering wheel, no game you run will be able to use it effectively.

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You need to setup the controller in the game as well.

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Steering wheel setups report gas and brake differently sometimes. It’s best to run any setup software that came with it to make sure the pedals are working. The game should have an option to change what to look for when it comes to pedals. Some report gas and brake as being positive and negative of one axis, some report it as two different axes (boy, that doesn’t look right).

Come to think of it, there should be something in the Control Panel about gaming devices. Go to the Properties of your wheel and see if it tells you there what’s what in regards to the pedals.

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