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Any multiplayer co-op game suggestions?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 13th, 2009

Looking for a multiplayer co-op game, preferably a fps.
Left 4 Dead meets freedom fighters would be perfect in my mind.

Is there anything that is close to this?
For any system or pc is fine.

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The closet you’re gonna get to that is Gear of War2 but that isn’t a first person shooter. And the all new Resident Evil5 which just like Gears2 isn’t a first person shooter.

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third person shooter is ok, but co-op multiplayer is a must.
Is resident evil co-op mp?

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Online co-op

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ugg any shooters with local multiplayer co-op?

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L4D on the PC is amazing. If you want local, you’ll need two PCs on a LAN connection, but you can meet up online from two separate computers if you want.

If you’ve got Xbox 360, Halo 3 has local co-op, but I’d be surprised if you haven’t already played (and beaten) that game.

I’m more of a solo PC gamer, so I don’t know to many =/ Most PC games do not offer splitscreen play; there is no place for a second mouse and keyboard. You’ll probably have better luck looking for console games.

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Well, Resident Evil 5 just came out and its 2 player co-op is actually very fun. It’s not really a fullblooded FPS but it’s got plenty of shooting and tactic planning, and lots of creepy boss monsters. It has 2 player local co-op, don’t think there’s anymore than that though. You may be able to chain Xboxes together and have a multiplayer local match, or at least be able to create a game online and join, but don’t quote me on the local aspect as I haven’t tried that. I’m only a few chapters into the game, but I’d say it’s worth the pretty high price Capcom’s asking. And it’s on many consoles too.

Generally speaking, I don’t think there’s a lot of high quality multiplayer FPS games out there. There’s just no market for it. Most FPS games are geared for one person play, and there are just very few co-op games in general. I wish there were more, I love playing co-op!

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Try COD 5 and beat the game, then unlock nazi zombies and try it out with your friend

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A great older one is the first resistance fall of man. It’s co-op was a lot of fun. You can change the difficulty to as hard as you want.

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Resistance 2 co-op isn’t bad, but it gets repetitive for a while. It’s also a PS3 exclusive, so not sure if that helps you. But @stevenb is right about the First Resistance. The Co-op is a lot better, as you actually get to play the campaign mode together.

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a good local co-op multiplayer fps would be clancy’s rainbow six vegas/vegas 2, not the newest fps for consoles but definately my favorite : )

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COD5 is one of my favorites to play. I prefer Halo 3 and Left 4 Dead as party games.

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