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Hey Guys! Could anyone be a pal and just tell me some nonviolent multiplayer games? Also, I like a bit of facts about it if you don't mind.

Asked by samXwantsXgames (13points) April 23rd, 2013

-players still play it today
-a bit of action :)

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Tennis. Sports games. Welcome to Fluther.

keobooks's avatar – Has minimal violence—as you are poorly drawn stick figures who are fighting poorly drawn monsters with no graphic detail whatsoever.

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If you have two computers than you can play Minecraft on either a server of LAN connection.

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Im planning on getting Little Big planet 2 karting but am still questioning if it is worth the money.
Portal 2 is not amultiplayer game by the way
THanks though~

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Im looking for Playstation 3 game that has online multiplayer like mw2 or black ops 2
Minecraft is only for xBox 360 though I might just might get a new computer
thanks though~

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@samXwantsXgames uhhhh no portal 2 is most definitely mp as you can play with friends even online. Its not 4p mp but its certainly 2.

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Really? I didn’t know that! Thanks This really changes everything :)

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