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What are your dreams and goals?

Asked by Spargett (5385points) June 14th, 2008

And how close are you to accomplishing them? Or what steps have you taken thus far?

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To visit Malta; to learn to play the piano; to sell a fiction book.

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Main goal – To be a physician
Current mini goal – to fix my sleep schedule
Post main goal – Travel all around the world and take care of my parents.

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To get some dreams. I recently realized I had no dreams at all: nothing I wanted to accomplish or do before I die, no places I absolutely had to see…

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My dreams, goals and aspirations change regularly. I only have one overall ambition:
To grow old and look back with a smile on my face.

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To move out, to finish college, to become a professor, to travel the world. To live my life how I want to live my life, not live it how someone else wants me to live it – it’s my life. And to be happy (obviosly not 24/7, but to be happy with life overall).

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I am working on expanding my pet siting business. I am definitly on my way. The thing I am having the hardest time doing is finding employees to build my team. I have a positive attitude about things though. I know that if I keep focused I will eventually reach my goals.

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I am currently in college, so my short term goal is to finish.
Then I want to go to grad school and get a PhD in History.
I’m learning Italian- my goal is to become fluent and then become fluent in Portuguese.
I want ot live in Italy for a while.
Then I want to do ridiculouos amounts of impromptu traveling.
I also want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I’m also in love with the girl I know I want to be with. I wanna marry her in the next few years.

Ahh, the possibilities.

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I am totally on the dark side of the moon with respect to my dreams and goals. It’s always been an elusive issue for me. Too much programming, maybe.

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The mark of the beast…

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To become a journalist and write for a major daily in Ireland.

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To become a recognised individual in the engineering world of nuclear power. I dream to become specialist in nuclear engineering and being someone who is known to be able to consult in things relating nuclear power. I’ve got a long way yet, but I’m planning on going to university to study engineering so I’m hoping that one day that I may reach my goal. That I guess is my career dream other dreams, possibly shorter term ones include being able speak another language, Russian or German fluently, play an instrument well just like my mum and my brother, code in a programming language well. I quite admire those who have coded cool and/or amazing things.

I guess. Too be honest my main dream is to be someone recognised by any number of people. Someone who people can turn to and ask for help. I currently help the odd few people with their computer queries which I enjoy when i do help them. I’m using my knowledge to help others and I really like doing that. Just someone who can pass knowledge onto others and be someone people feel they can get help off. </ramble>

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