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[SFW] What do you love to do on hump day?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) May 1st, 2013

TGIW (Wednesday, AKA Hump Day). What gets you over the hump and winding up for a good weekend? Details, details?

As always, it it’s something risque, you want the NSFW version of this question.

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Today I mowed the grass and am watching a sumo tournament on TV.

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Wednesday is Bin Day in our neighborhood. It’s cathartic to see more stuff leave the house than enter it each week.

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@majorrich It’s at least nice to know that the grass won’t need mowing this weekend.

@Pied_Pfeffer I’m with you. It may seem like a trivial thing, but our trash and recycling go out Monday morning, and I love that day for the feeling of being free of that stuff.

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I almost always go spend time with my daughters on Wednesdays. They mainly live with their dad in a town about an hour away, and only stay at my house every other weekend and for a few weeks during school breaks. The mid-week visit I pay to them at their dad’s house keeps us in physical contact with each other in between times. Sometimes we get something for dinner or run errands, but mostly we just hang out and talk and cuddle. We had a lovely time today. :)

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I have a standing appt with my reiki lady after work. She’s not only is a lovely lady, who I enjoy talking to, but I feel wonderous most times after a session. Today I felt cold vibrational energy. The difference today was emotional releasement from some fears that were influencing me and wearing me down as well as the usual pain relief.

I have friend that works night shift so we only spend time on his days off if its convenient to us, one of which is wednesday. I saw him today and we hit the gym together. I am so grateful for his friendship, or lives don’t cross paths w/o effort and yet he is probably closer to me then anyone else these days.

Beyond that I have no set schedule or routine for hump day. But hey Thursday doesn’t suck either.

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alas! I put down weed and feed. I probably will have to cut grass this weekend..Dangit…Headsmack..

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@augustlan Hump day must, for you, live up to its name of being the week’s high point.

@rosehips How great you two have found each other and managed to work out a liveable arrangement given the challenges of such a divergent set of timetables.

@majorrich At least take heart that it’s springlike enough there for things to be really growing.

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@ETpro true I am fortunate.

@majorrich Um yeh no sympathy our coldest temps in need recorded history and three days of snow. I am about to give up on string and gear up for next winter. Darnnit I wanted an autostart too.

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