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Is there a Caribbean food store in Germany?

Asked by miki (210points) May 1st, 2013

I live in Grafenwoehr Germany. I’ve taken to cooking Caribbean recipes lately but obviously having trouble finding all my ingredients. I’ve seen Italian, and Chinese restaurants in the area. Is there any hope for other tastes close buy?

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Did you try googling “international market Grafenwoehr” in German? International foI’d, international grocery, he of those? I don’t know the translation. We have a few German jellies here, I’ll send the Q to them, I don’t tknow if they live near your city. Germany is a pretty big country.

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Yes I’ve been searching online for a while but nothing yet. Grafenwoehr is on the South Eastern side of Germany. It’s about an hour away from Czech Republic. And thanks!

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You’re right, that is a tough search. This is the first thing I’ve found.

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Getting warmer. I searched under Caribbean foods, Germany.

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The first page is a great start thank you. I think that restaurant is in Berlin or close to it, which is a couple hours north of me. I will definitely look for it next time I’m there. The second page I couldn’t open because my anti virus software flagged it.

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@miki It looks like it’s just West of Berlin, but close to the city. I’ll look some more to see what I can find.

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Does service Germany? They have everything.

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Yes they do. But I’m looking for some items that I’d rather buy fresh.

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These are great! Thank you so much!

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I’m being a slacker for a few days and I love a challenge. There isn’t a lot of matches out there. Here’s another one. At the least you could call them for suggestions.

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They must be very hard to find. I never heard of any of them. Sometimes Asia Stores, which are widespread, also offer special food from the Americas.

From Grafenwoehr I would try Regensburg or Amberg.

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