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Why do I get a JSON error when Bitcoin mining every now and then?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) May 2nd, 2013

I just got into mining and signed up with last night. I’m running GUIMiner and have a GTX480 doing the work. My feet are nice and warm.

The last hour or so, after minimizing using my PC otherwise, I haven’t had this problem. But when I first got set up, I had both monitors on plenty of background tasks, and some word editing/music listening etc., and about every 15–30 minutes, the work would stop; the console shows the error ”long poll IO error No JSON object could be decoded.”

Since I could tell the GPU wasn’t having fun even loading icons in OpenOffice while mining, I shut off the extra display and background tasks and went to bed, leaving the computer on. Of course its just sitting there, doing nothing, when I wake up today.

I decided to try sticking to the other PC in the office for whatever. So far, I only had the program bug out once, so maybe the problem is how much I’m tasking the GPU just by using the computer at the same time.

So now the questions. Since I’m absolutely new, I don’t have a clue what JSON even is. Is it client or server side? Would this type of error be caused from the GPU not being able to keep up? What if I use my computer’s BIOS to switch the primary graphics to the built-in Intel 4000 series; could I still use the dedicated card to mine? Is there a mining utility that can automatically restart the processing when an error interrupts it, or is there a way to do it with GUIMiner? Thanks.

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2 minutes later I find a “Autostart” checkbox. Great. Watched it hop right over an IO error. :3

I’d still like to know more about what’s going down when the error occurs, and if I can make the Intel CPU graphics run my GUI and everything while the GPU mines simultaneously.

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Well that actually didn’t solve the problem still. I’m just kinda stuck hitting Stop/Start every time it halts, but if I want to leave the thing running overnight, I can’t do that. Basically, all I need is a solution to that.

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