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Captives found in Ohio, similar incident in plot of Hawaii Five-0...what are the odds?

Asked by Strauss (21176points) May 7th, 2013

While starting the day, I heard the news, as millions did, about the women in Ohio who were found and released after 10 years of captivity. (Glad they’re free, obviously, and hope the healing can begin soon.)

After everyone was off to school/work, and I had finished my breakfast, I sat down to watch the new episode of Hawaii Five-0 that I had recorded last night. It was amazing to see so many similarities between the plot of the TV show and the events unfolding in Ohio.

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I was struck by that one also. have read that TV stories are often based on actual events, so I suspect this type of thing is not that uncommon. I did a search on missing teens found years later and came across several stories even more similar to that show.

Right here in California, we had a missing teen found, and she has two small children by her abductor, born while she was still a teen.

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Well, there is are two child abductions by the same person, a 10 year time span, and a secret room with restraints, but that is about it. I don’t think there are breath-taking similarities.
Do the 5–0 know they have a Cylon working with them?

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Awful crimes like this is happening all the time. and with each one detailed over and over and over and over in the media, it’s hard to distinguish anymore whether life is imitating art or vice versa.

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Well, there have been several incidences of this. The woman found in California after nearly 20 years. The young boy who was taken by a pedophile and returned by the older boy who had been held for years.

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The events are also similar to the plot of the book Room by Emma Donoghue. I do find the timeliness of the Hawaii Five-O episode interesting.

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Art imitating life? Just a shot in the dark.

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