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Does anyone have a good resource for the media's coverage of Watergate?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10211points) May 15th, 2013

Self explanatory.

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Go go Google and throw darts. We were buried in newspaper, TV, radio, soap boxes, flyers, planes carrying banners and gossip at the post office. It went on for months.Then the books came out. List here

All the President’s Men by Woodward and Bernstein is a good place to start. They ccined the sobriquet “Deep Throat.”

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^^^Excellent source. Woodward & Bernstein broke the story and had a good inside lead throughout.

“This”: Wikipedia article gives a good overview, but more importantly, the bibliography to the article, a vast variety of sources here, should prove very useful to you.

There is also the Congressional Report, couple thousand pages long, for the government’s take on it. Probably online somewhere on one of the sites.

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For some reason I lost the ability to cut&paste. This Wikipedia article.

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As to the Tipping Point for public attention to Nixon and Watergate,look at Walter Cronkite and Watergate That is when the public realized it was a big story.

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Or you could rent and watch the movie “All the President’s Men” ; it was pretty well done.

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