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Can you use a keyboard key from any laptop to replace anther?

Asked by Chawk80 (128points) June 16th, 2008

My kids popped the windows key off and I cant get it on, but I have a older broken laptop that I could scavenge a key from that looks pretty similar.

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sure, why not? just check if it’s the same type of “connection” (some keys attach differently)

good luck and happy tinkering

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I guess that depends on the manufacturer.
You said “Windows?”

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You could try. It might work. But there isn’t a standard for how keys attach to the keyboard. It might work, it probably won’t.

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Just a thought. It seems that there would be a standard to make things easier.

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The Sibling question ->>>>
has some good answers.

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As long at they’re both USB connected.

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