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Why do people steal?

Asked by Curious404 (1021points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I recently bought a bike that I was really excited about. Today, I left work as early as possible with the plan to ride this evening. I went to get the bike and it was stolen. I had it locked to the stairs like so many others in my complex. What a dissapointment.

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It’s cheaper than buying things.

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I am sorry someone stole your bike. Is there some place you can report this? Security at your building perhaps? Maybe they have a hidden video camera there that you aren’t aware of? Probably report it to the local cops too, if you have the # identifying your bike, you can file it at the police station and if they ever find it they will contact you. also maybe you can put up some flyers around the building with a picture of the bike? that way, if someone took it by mistake, or if someone saw it happen, they can contact you and let you know! Good luck!

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Thieves steal because they can. Means, motive, and opportunity. Which doesn’t detract at all from the fact that they are worthless, wormy non-contributors with poop in their rotten souls.
A pox upon them all!

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Having something stolen is a real violation, isn’t it? I hate it. I agree with Knotmyday and further I like to believe that it will come back and haunt them some day.

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I think they think ts addictive
darn those kleptomaniacs!

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I think Knotmyday is right: all that’s needed are the conditions that allow it and sooner or later someone will do it. I’m pretty sure people steal most often for money or because they want the particular item. Which can be boiled down to greed I suppose. There may be those who steal because they need to.

There’s thieves and then there’s bicycle thieves. If I believed in hell, I’d hope there was a particularly nasty part of it reserved just for them.

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It allows you to get things you couldn’t normally afford.

You don’t have to work to get the things you want.

It’s also a process of instant gratification – you don’t have to look for the right store, save money, or wait in the line for your things. You just take em and BAM they’re yours.

It also might give you an adrenaline rush that you enjoy.

It makes you look cool in the eyes of some people. Damn you got 15 Ipods and some new jeans. And you didn’t pay for them. You surely got to be some kind of rockstar.

You don’t have to carry a wallet with you all the time.

You forgot your wallet at home and need something right now.

You don’t have to go to the ATM.

It might give you a feeling of malicious joy to have stolen something from some stupid guy/store/company. Fuck it, you beat the system! Hooray!

Some people actually are kleptomaniacs.

You don’t now what’s right or wrong.

Your parents were professional thieves and you just follow the family tradition.

You don’t actually have to work a single day in your life.

You can sit at home and play videogames all day and then go to the store to steal your food. Then go home to your home you bought with money that you got from a bank heist.

You don’t have to think or decide what kind of christmas presents you should buy. You just steal loads of stuff and cram it into random boxes and give it to your friends and family.

Ok enough now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s cool that some fucker took your new bike. It’s just that your question really made me think of positive aspects of stealing or arguments why someone would steal in a creative way.

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Devil’s advocate: anyone see the classic Italian film “The Bicycle Thief” lately?

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do you have renters insurance? It might cover it.

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A lot people steal things to make a quick buck to buy dope. Somebody where your at has bought an almost new bike for $20 or $40.

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I agree with buster. They will steal anything in sight just to be able to buy drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Sadly, they are probably young teens who are going down the wrong path in life.

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thrill and the high of adrenilin rush

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@ Elmagico: I am glad my question made you think outside the box. I appreciate the thrououghness of your response. I suppose if you truly don’t value others things why it would be apealing. How sad.

@playthebanjo: Yes!! I do have renters insurance. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Knotmyday: that’s the spirit. Poop in their souls sums it up nicely.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. Retorical question, but in the end, I wonder how could anyone enjoy something that they got in a dishonest way.

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if you want/need something and you don’t have money you steal it. If you want/need something and you can’t steal it you steal something else sell it and buy what you want/need.

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opportunity knocks in this slump of an economy we have.

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out of necessity, for kicks, to rebel, for profit, to test boundaries…...could be any number of reasons, really.

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Sometimes just for the rush of adrenaline they get

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because. People are greedy. They enjoy it. And it probably gets them off. You probably don’t want it back because it would be all sticky.

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Apparently, it’s really easy.

Here are some tips to make your bike less attractive. Link

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And a Super Pox on FAMILY MEMBERS who think nothing of copping my stuff!

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To feel better about themselves.

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