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Why do you think women are objectified more?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) June 11th, 2013 from iPhone

This study shoes both men and women pick apart women and see them as parts while we see man as a whole. Why do you think this is?

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The traditional patriarchical, sexist culture does not die so easily.

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Because of how we are portrayed in the media I would say. Everywhere we look, women are half naked, or naked. They are put in little skirts, high heels. Men on the other hand are not advertised with hard ons, so they cant be objectified by how big or small they are.

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According to the theories of evolutionary psychology, our differing attitudes towards women and men all result from the one big difference between the sexes: that is, women are capable of parenting far fewer children, and having children necessarily requires an actual “sacrifice” from them in the sense that they have to carry the child.

This means women tend to be choosier about the men that will father their children. They seek out not just healthy partners but ones who have traits that are likely to make them good breadwinners. Intelligence, charisma, status – these are all things that matter in today’s society’s assessments of men.

Men are capable of having literally hundreds of children in their lifetimes. They don’t have to worry so much about finding perfect matches. So women are more often judged by what is immediately apparent – her looks, which are basic indicators of health.

Obviously there really isn’t a way to experimentally test these theories, so it’s kind of “pseudo-science,” but it all makes sense to me.

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Thanks mariah.

Yeah everyone, I was wondering if this study was supposed to be the cause of media or if it has been this way since all time?

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I think it has to do with the opinion that boobs are prettier to look at than mannips. And it’s easier to objectify women without referring to the crotchular region. Sort of like, men have one private area; women (in this culture at least) have two. To objectify a man, you often refer to his penis. To objectify a woman, you do not have to refer to her vagina.

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Because men rule the world and are sexually interested in women.

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A vagina is prettier than some wrinkled, saggy balls.

I’ll edit my answer and be serious, too. Ragingloli is correct. There has always been a ladder, and at the top is usually the wealthy white male (in America, he is also a good religious man too). We’re all under those guys lol.

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Because tits are awesome, well some anyway.

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I gotta go with @ragingloli on this one. Short and to the point. (The answer, not @ragingloli)

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OK, then….let’s see….

Who can dispute that women FAR more commonly than men will apply makeup, color their hair, wear clothing to augment or highlight their breasts, put on high heels to appear taller and more sexy, have their lips injected with collagen, get their finger and toenails “done”, undergo cosmetic surgery, purchase 18 pair of shoes, wear skirts of “immodest” length, go to tanning salons, have their teeth whitened…..

….and then wonder out loud why they might be “objectified”.....

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Socities used to very commonly be matriarchial. People worshipped Goddesses.

When governments were formed that and there was land to be protected men took over. Since then the majority have been doing their utmost to keep it that way.

As evidenced by arranged marriages and dowries: women were chattal. They were traded for money and power in marriages. They were kept uneducated.

Objectification: I think this more or less evolved over time. We were traded like property, we became it. It was instilled in us that we should make the most of our looks. Yet be proper. We were trained to entice. To be childbearers.

That is a remnent from our past we were never able to shed even though for the large part arranged marriages have fallen out. Now with advertising and sex sells and men being visually stimulated creatures. Parts of our bodies are used to sell anything and everything. So then we grow up in a society where we are shown women to be sex objects and have to compete with those that are.

Then men will make the comment that we bring it on ourselves by following the standards. Even those that are conscious and do resist it want to look their best. Who doesn’t? Even men feel more confident when dressed and fit and healthy. So where do we draw the line… Does tanning make us willing participants in being used? Etc.

However. I do think men are also objectified. Come on CK models… Gi joes have bulked out as much as barbie has reached unattainable dimensions. What woman hasn’t noticed a fine bubble butt walking by esp when they are seated? Whose favorite male actor is super sexy, women? It is not all sex parts that get objectified.

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@OneBadApple Ermmm lots of women don’t do those things…and the pressure to do those things comes from a society that places so much emphasis on women’s appearances.

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My typically complicated detailed answer would boil down to what @ragingloli already said in her answer.

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@Mariah Ermmm, of course lots don’t but the vast majority whom I’ve ever met do.

Listen, nobody respects women more than I do, and in my opinion they are generally better human beings than men are. I consider women (especially working single mothers) heroes, and have told them that on more than one occasion.

But “pressure from society” being the reason that most women spend all of this time, effort and expense to “be more attractive” (and then whine about being “objectified”) ??

Sorry…...No sale….

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@OneBadApple OK well why do you think women go out of their way to dress in a manner that illicits objectification and then complain about it?

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@Unbroken: MIght you mean “elicit”?

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I’m no psychologist, Unbroken. Egocentric pleasure ? Unbridled feminine competition ? Devious exploitation of common male weaknesses ?

It just becomes so tiresome to see women constantly set themselves up to be objectified, and then complain about being objectified…

P.S. But we should be grateful that we have people like gailcalled, who can help dopes like us with our spelling, regardless of how much time she may have spent on her makeup today.

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I just think objectification of women and women’s sometimes excessive effort in their appearances are two symptoms of the same problem.

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You call them symptoms…..I call them schemes….

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@OneBadApple: I am indeed the glass of fashion now, having just stepped off the tread mill. The sheen of sweat and the second-hand Rose t-shirt are enhanced by my steamed-up glasses.

I have never understood why women let themselves be bullied into wearing the stiletto heels, designed by men, that raise them en pointe, stretch their calf muscles and give them bunions, corns, and back-aches.

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As I said earlier, gailcalled, I consider many women to be heroes, and you might be one of them….

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Social programming.

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No argument here, Lorna. I stated that many women did these things, not that it was necessarily all their fault….

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@gailcalled Thank you. Yes, I did mean elicts as in prompt or trigger, not illict as in illegal or immoral.

@OneBadApple It is tiresome to hear. It is also tiresome to be objectified and pinched and prodded in the gym by some egotistical ass.. But I am sure you are right We must all ask for it…

Oh by the way. You can suggest how I should think or act when I ask for advice. Using the royal “we” to parcel out compliments is quite high handed and annoying.

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“High-handed and annoying” is just a talent that I was born with. I was under the impression that, since WE are in a conversation, that it might be OK to refer to “Unbroken” and “OneBadApple” as…...well….“we”.

“Royal” ??….

And I submit that for every “egotistical ass” who is dumb enough to even think about touching a woman he doesn’t know at the gym, there are a dozen women who hope to be touched, but aren’t… before their next visit to the gym spend an additional 15 minutes applying their makeup and padding that workout bra…

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@OneBadApple So what you were actually saying was that I, Unbroken, should be grateful for smart people to correct my spelling and grammar..Which in effect puts me down to pull up another or vice versa. Hint: once again I am choosing the slightly more positive interpretation.

You caught me I did infer a meaning, but not before deliberating both options and though they were negative imo, I just picked the slightly less so.
Btw. You can submit all you want. You have no proof, I could equally submit that you come off sounding like one of those guys who justifies his behavoir by making those accusations. Though I don’t know you aside from this conversation. So it would be hasty for me to judge.

Just so we are clear, I am not one of the women who does not feel comfortable enough in her own body to be seen in public and sweating without putting attention into my appearance, or whatever the motivations are.

What I highly disdain is that you imply, and many others before you and to come that the behavoir of one or a small percentage makes labeling and objectification ok. When I am sure you will admit there men are very diverse. Ranging from very metrosexual to macho/bodybuilder to grunge to slob and that is just the appearance side of issue.

Maybe, and this is just an idea, you simply fail to notice the natural women around you because you are over stimulated by the women you claim to disdain.

Oh wait, you never said you disdained them or their actions. Just that you hated the apparent contradiction and the “tiresomeness” of listening to them complain about the attention they received.

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Wow, that is a lot of presumption, right there…..a LOT of presumption….

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How better to illustrate that your opinions are on the matter are equally presumptious and unfair.

Thanks for being goodnatured.
: )
I’m out for the evening….

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You can be the best looking woman on this Earth and not move a finger your entire life. We pay a sacrifice for wielding so much power with our looks.

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….and your modesty. Don’t forget your modesty…..

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@Blackberry My vagina is many things. Attractive is not one of them. :-x

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@Blackberry I like balls, I like the whole package.

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@LeavesNoTrace have you tried a little makeup, or jewelry on it or sometimes a nice haircut will help.

Oh, Damn. Did I just objectify your vagina?

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@rojo She probably could use a haircut. I’m too much of a wuss to try jewelry. OUCH!

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