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Important Scientific Study: Does hand dominance matter when it comes to hanging direction/larger boob? (maybe nsfw... i dont know)

Asked by Allie (17431points) February 20th, 2010

I don’t even know what we were talking about in chat when this came up, but here it goes. With the exception of two people in chat at the time, we noticed that hand dominance seemed to be the opposite of hanging direction (for men) and the larger boob (for women). So, for example, a woman with right hand dominance had a slightly larger left boob and a man with right hand dominance hung to the left. Like I said, with the exception of two.
I propose we conduct more surveys. Here are your questions.
1) Which hand is your dominant hand?
2) For men, which way to you hang? For women, which breast is slightly larger?

On behalf of the curious (and maybe slightly sick) minds in chat, I thank you.

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Righty. Hang to the left.


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Righty, left.

But you can’t ignore my techno.

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I’m a lefty and my junk swings to the left. But my right testicle hangs lower.

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Right-handed; Slightly bigger left-boobage.

Allie's avatar

I’ll answer this too, I guess. I’m a righty, my left boob is slightly larger.

tragiclikebowie's avatar

RIght, right… I am one of the abnormal

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Left. Hangs/bends to the right.

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I’m right handed and pretty even boobed. Never been big enough to have a difference! So this would mean most men hang to the left and lots of big left tits around!

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Right hand.Hangs to the left.

this question is fucking brilliant.

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I’m a righty, and my left boob may be slightly larger. I think they’re pretty even, though.

AstroChuck's avatar

Left-handed, right-saggier-balled.

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Actually, I think my middle one hangs a little lower.

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I am a righty and my lefty lady (Sarah) is slightly larger

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I write better right-handed but I do everything else lefty. Right boob is bigger.

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Left, left.

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left, left
I wasn’t sure so I had to check

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Left handed. Right boob normally bigger. Actually, my entire right side is somewhat asymmetrically larger.

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I’ve actually wondered about this myself, and now I’m incredibly interested in the outcome of this survey. Thanks for asking for me.

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Mainly ambidextrous – tools, sports equipment, etc but I right poorly with my right hand and worse with my left.
Junk is nearly always centred unless I need to adjust for inconvenient erection. Then either side will do fine.

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Left-handed and left arm more muscular.

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Right dominance and hang to the left. My S/O also has right hand dominance and has a D cup right boob and a B cup left boob. Pretty big difference in boob size. Lots of variety for me….:)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I can only take this q seriously because it’s 3:52 am and I am eating a giant plate of cookies and watching infomercials…I am a right handed person and my right book is bigger.

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My only question, @Simone_De_Beauvoir, is why you have two books with you? I find it hard to handle just one.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Sarcasm did I mention it was 3:52 am and that I own a kindle to take care of this problem? :)

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Right handed

Hang to the left

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Right hand, hang straight at least now it did.

TheLoneMonk's avatar

Left handed and in all honesty, hang straight down.

chyna's avatar

Right handed, left boob bigger.

casheroo's avatar

I think I’ll have to look. I keep thinking that my right boob is my “better” boob. I dunno, it’s the bigger and perkier one lol.
I’m right handed though. it’s hard to tell, I’m pregnant (duh) and they look totally different

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Mostly ambidextrous…I write more with my left, but do most “heavy” work with my right…and the left boob is a cup size bigger…

Zajvhal's avatar

Are you going to count the results and post them for us?

plethora's avatar

@IBERnineD Sarah… nice…:) you’ve named them….how cute.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@plethora I’ve named mine too – one is Volga after the river in Russia and the other one is Frosya, an old Russian name.

plethora's avatar

@augustlan Can you check that for us? We’d really like to know.

plethora's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well which is which? Is Volga the lefty? I find this naming of the boobs most appealing.

plethora's avatar

@DrasticDreamer Boobage? New term…..have not heard that before..:)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@plethora no, obviously, Volga is the right one, the bigger one, strong like mother russia.

wilma's avatar

I’m right handed and my boobage seems to be quite equally sized.
I never named my boobs and I am wondering why?

gggritso's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh my God, I love you. I had my fingers crossed for that response.

plethora's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir How stupid of me…..:) Of course…..Volga on the right for mother russia.

wundayatta's avatar

right, center

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My right boob is bigger. It even produced more milk than my left boob when I breastfed my children. tmi?

Right handed.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Right handed, right hanging.

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When I first read the title for this question I had no idea what the hell it meant, then reading the details I found it very intriguing. So I got up out of bed and checked. Yes, I check fluther from my iPhone usually before I even get out of bed, lol. From up here it looked centered, which I thought was kind of odd. So to double check, I went to bathroom and slapped it around a few times and yep… I’m a righty and it hangs centered.

Would being erect have a different effect? haha, that rhymes. I couldn’t tell ya right now, but later I could check ;). Also, the left boy hangs lower and is the larger dominate of the pair, if that matters.

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Right handed. Hang to the left.

OneMoreMinute's avatar

Right handed. Left boobage hangs lower.

plethora's avatar

This is a most interesting thread and I’ve learned a new word….boobage. I like it….:)

chyna's avatar

@plethora Glad we can add to your vocabulary. :)

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Off-topic for the original question, but interesting and on-topic as a reply to @plethora, this is what my Forgotten English calendar said on February 6th:
Beds collectively, especially in a hospital . . . How long will it be before the little job of putting on a shirt button is called sewage? (Eric Partridge’s Chamber of Horrors: A Glossary of Official Jargon, Both English and American, 1952)
Birthday of Eric Honeywood Partridge (1894–1979),
noted New Zealand-born lexicographer, who often focused on slang and word “abusage,” as he liked to call it. Along with verbs easily converted to nouns over the centuries using the suffix -age, such as wreckage, beverage, cleavage and marriage, many nouns were given an odd air of legitimacy through the unnecessary application of -age, including parentage and Shakespeare’s baggage.
But many others fell by the wayside and now appear as ludicrous to the modern ear as these others might have sounded originally. Meanings of many examples are fairly obvious, including rentage, fruitage, arrearage, and vagabondage. But others are more subtle, such as rivage, a river bank; umpirage, the role of an umpire; concubinage and whorage, institutions of ill-repute; teacherage, a home for teachers; flowerage, a flower shop; rubbage, an early form of rubbish; brocage, a broker’s commission; floatage, anything that floats; eatage, food for livestock; and dressage, a dressing gown. Mercifully, we were spared the likes of burglage, shrubbage, and scenage.

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I am a righty (hardcore, can’t do anything with my left!) and my boobs are of identical size. I just did a great deal of fondleage (adding -age to a word is going to be my fave new thing to do after that post, @MacBean)! and despite using many methods in an attempt to figure this out, including a measuring tape, there is no difference. Perhaps there would be a measurable difference in mass – the left seems a tad denser although it’s definitely not larger to the eye or hand.

chyna's avatar

@fireinthepriory I love that you did such intense fondelage in the interest of scientific study. You are a professional!

fireinthepriory's avatar

@chyna Anything in the name of science! ;)

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Just to confirm my theory that mine are pretty even, I asked my husband to really check them out today. His response? “You are spending way too much time on Fluther.” :P

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@fireinthepriory Your research is admirable, but we may need to call you in for a committee inspection. Especially since my S/O has a B cup and a D cup. She said she did all the nursing on the right side.

Grisaille's avatar

@augustlan Wait.

So you go up to him and basically say, “Hey, can you cup me?”

…and he thinks that’s a bad thing? Crap, your husband must live in backwardsville.

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