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Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 17th, 2008

which is the best console. Not bothered about the prices. I’m just wondering which is the best one to go for.

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the PS3 has blu ray and Meta Gear Solid 4 (as an exclusive) ... their controllers are not as good (no vibration)

the XBox has better games overall IMHO (and… I know you don’t care… is cheaper), plus XBox is a much better user experience (and has better downloadable content such as demos and mini games)

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my roommate had a PS3 last year in college, i liked it a lot for gameplay and especially HD and Blu-Ray movies, but the XBOX 360 has much better titles available Halo 3 is enough of a deal breaker for me

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I mean XBox Live is a better experience than Sony Home

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One thing people haven’t mentioned is xbox live, which is a great feature that the xbox 360 has. I know there is something comparable on PS3, but xbox live is probably one of the best online gaming experiences you can have (and it works with most games)

If online multiplayer is important to you, I’d go with xbox 360

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oh and i forgot, that playstation online is for free. which is tight

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May I offer an ultimatum? Go for the Wii.

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It all depends on the games, and especially the exclusive franchises, like MGS or Halo. I think the PS3 Home is catching up with Xbox Live. But that’s all software, and easy to upgrade compared to the game system itself. If I had to choose I’d choose PS3 right now, but I still like my Wii better. The PS3 is getting vibration for controllers, or just did. Looking at the games is the best guide though.

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I got a PS3 last year and I love it. Online gaming is free and the playststion store has lots of free demos. The games are getting better and are the same quality as the Xbox. Home is coming later this year and there are some big exclusives coming such as Little Big Planet and Killzone 2. You can also play Blu-rays and hook the sound up to you home theatre. The only problem I have getting enough time to play…

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Dualshock 3, vibration.

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Dualshock 3 is not the standard controller shipped with the PS3

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It is with the Metal Gear Solid package.

Grabbins isn’t bothered with the prices though.

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It’s not even a fair argument, Ps3.

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@youknowconnor… it’s not fair because… ?

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@AlexChoi: Because he’s a PS3 fanboy

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@ jstringham I already own a Wii. It was a great novelty at first but I was left craving better graphics and more games that are aimed at audience that doesn’t want to ride horses and play sports games. I know there are a few games out for it that are really entertaining but 90% are tacky games made for kids.

If anyone is interested I went for the PS3. Seemed like the most ‘future proof’ console, and I’m not a big fan of microsoft anyway.

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Being an owner of both the 360 and PS3, I say I play the 360 more. Just because of it’s Live service.

On the other hand, the PS3 isn’t bad to have around to play other titles, and double as the best and cheapest Blu-Ray player.

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@alexchoi: I prefer the ps3 over the xbox 360 for many reasons. First off, the 360 is poorly made. At least twice almost everyones 360 broke for problems that weren’t their fault. I would hve been very angry if that had happened to me and I couldn’t play for a long time because I had to send it back. Also I like the ps3 more because the wireless controllers are cheaper. Ps3 allows you to use any headset you want, not just the ps3 ones. You can use the Internet for free. It’s an extremely inexpensive blue-ray player. And the ps3 has the potential to play extremely complex video games. And by complex, no I don’t mean just graphics. There’s more to video games than just graphics. Like the amount of things that can be happening on the screen at one time for instance. Also the ps3s Internet play is free. So I use every game I have for Internet often.

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Gotta love fanboys

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i think its really user specific upon what kinda games you like, i personally got a ps3 for blu-ray and its features like using a web browser and the fact that i don’t have to pay for internet service is nice as well.
Its said though that the 360 has better netcodeing so it has less lag but i hear about lag from everyone, every system (including pc gamers!), all the time so you can’t really take that into account….and IF the 3DTV thing catches on than i have to say ps3 wins because the 360 doesn’t do 3D….

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