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Can I use a former co-worker as a reference?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46743points) June 17th, 2013

This job app is asking for 3 references who are not related to me and are not former employers. Would a former, non-managerial co-worker be legit to use?

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You certainly can; but it would be helpful to the prospective employer if the individuals could speak to your skills, “attitude” and overall performance on the job. If you worked with them on team projects, that would be great. If you have people who were professional mentors to you in some way, they would be great references. Perhaps you’ve served in a volunteer leadership role—someone who has knowledge of your work in that area would be helpful.

Put yourself in the reader’s (employer’s) position—what kind of person could provide good testimony about you??

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Yes, my co-worker and I worked closely together.

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Absolutely, if you worked together and they can attest to personal and professional qualities the prospective employer is lookg for. Just be sure to check with them first to be sure they’re willing to give you a good one.

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I just wanted to be sure that didn’t fall under “No references from former employer” category.
She just said she would.

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