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When you apply for a job is it better to send your reference letters with your resume and cover letter or wait until they contact you to give references?

Asked by adreamofautumn (3983points) May 5th, 2009

I’m graduating college and I need to find a job, but i’m not sure the appropriate procedure here, do I send my references along during the initial application or wait until they are asked for?

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Wait for a interview. I always went with “References available upon request.”

Do you really want to bombard your references with random calls? Make sure they are serious first.

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@johnpowell thanks :). It’s my first time applying for jobs that don’t just include a 2 sheet application that they give you and tell you to fill out…it’s a bit nerve-wracking!

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from what I’ve experienced, they only call your refs if they’re seriously considering you for the job, so until you’re in that pool, don’t give it to them

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I do what @johnpowell does. I have that same statement at the bottom of my resume.

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What others have said.

Also, you should stop by the career services office. It exists for a reason.

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@bob_ unfortunately around this time of year it’s damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment in our career services dept because everyone is freaking out at the same time.

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@bob i’ve never once gone there
they’re useless

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I have always had luck with putting the reference letter right in back of the resume and cover letter. that makes you stand out from the millions of other applicants, and it shows them that you have at least one place that likes you. if they don’t care to see it, then you’ve only wasted a piece of paper. it might be what gets you called vs. the rest.

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@adreamofautumn Oh. Well, then, good thing you’re asking us instead :P

@Simone_De_Beauvoir How do you know that they’re useless if you’ve never been there?

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I went there not for myself, that’s how

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I would advice that you give your credential only during the interview with your future direct manager. He’s the one really interested in knowing you better.
Managers will choose you because your profile matches what they search for, and then ask confirmation to your reference.
They won’t choose you because your reference told you were a great candidate.
Second, as most of the times you need to apply for 100 postings before finding the right job, you take the risk to overwhelm your reference contacts with phone calls about you. If they’re busy, they won’t be happy to be disturbed, and you’ll lose them.
Third, it’s better to say to your reference, such person will call you for such job where I need such competences. You cannot do that everytime you apply for a job.

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