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How does YouTube not have a filter on racist slurs on their commenting platform?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4378points) June 30th, 2013

It baffles me that so many racist or trolls get away with actually commenting racist slurs on YouTube.

It’s almost as if YouTube wants this sort of bickering going on in the internet.

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YouTube comment section is where the internet goes to die…

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So do you promote censorship? Where will it end?

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@woodcutter So are you saying racism should be legal?

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It is in bad taste thats for sure.The speech part. Words are just words. Nobody in America has a right to not be offended. People say stupid things all the time and sometimes they advertise their ignorance. It’s their life. If they hold a position in life they might put it in jeopardy on account of political correctness gone wild. Real racism is a different thing. To much a big deal is made over what someone has said. Get over it already.

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Hate speech is legal in the United States. Only immediate threats of violence in a speech is illegal, which is exactly what google follows. It doesn’t allow speech that promotes violence. Read google’s Policy They’re very much in favor of protecting freedom of speech. They even warn users that what may be insulting or hurtful does not mean its in violation of their rules.

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@woodcutter I’ll never get over it. It’s not the society I want to live in where free goblin mouthed people produce tasteless comments such as racist/sexists remarks. There’s already a platform for that in comedy. I understand you think YouTube “racism” isn’t “real racism” but you are incorrect. Desensitizing other YouTube users, viewers, commentaries to “non real racism” is going to get someone killed when they decide to use such language in “real life” next to the “wrong person”

@exnick Answered my OP though. That makes sense. It’s too bad. Name calling on Social Media is going to spark the next Civil Rights Movement at the pace were going.

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I’m not concerned with the free speech aspect. They are a private site and can do whatever they want short of kiddie porn.

But I do wonder why they allow such shitty comments. They are so misogynistic/homophobic/racist that I installed a script to block them. From a businesses point of view I guess allowing horrible shit makes more money than not having your shitty ideas confirmed by others.

“BigDick2012 thinks we should burn faggots to so my opinion is validated!”

Personally, I think sites have a responsibility to not be misogynistic/homophobic/racist. And youtube could easily do this.

If you want to hate gays the comment section at FoxNews doesn’t care.

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Hmmm…a strange thing happened: I agree with @woodcutter.

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@Whitetigress _“It’s not the society I want to live in where free goblin mouthed people produce tasteless comments such as racist/sexists remarks.”

I find those comments highly offensive Whitetigress. I cannot believe fluther doesn’t moderate those words to censorship land.

sarcasmbut if you want to be free to state your opinion, then you must also allow others to do so.

People vote with their dollars and associations. We don’t need censorship to act as morality thought police. If enough folks find certain comments offensive, then those that make them will eventually find themselves alone, and thereby go extinct. Same thing for corporations. If you don’t like the policies of a company, then don’t vote for them with your dollars. They will eventually go extinct. Natural law is all we need to ensure survival of the fittest moralities.

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Why youtube? Does this question apply to fluther?

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If youtube offends thee, then please stay the hell out of 4chan too. That place will eat you alive. Go and hang out where it suits you. You can see the slippery slope we get on if every place in social media has to meet someones decency criteria. Who gets to be the decency police? who elects them? And what of their agenda? The best way to not allow one agenda to crush another is for there to be free speech, the freer the better.

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@woodcutter being someone who frequents /b/ I still find YouTube to be worse. I don’t know, /b/ is the dark corner of the internet, so in a way that sort of stuff is to be expected but I feel like I expect higher standards from a site like YouTube.

Btw “free speech” doesn’t automagically grant you the right to be a racist hate mongering bigot towards others. One should still show some dignity and respect even if they’re hiding behind the veil of anonymity that is the internet.

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One should still show some dignity and respect even if they’re hiding behind the veil of anonymity that is the internet.”

Well, they don’t. Big fact of life. You either accept that people will be assholes and ignore them and move on or, you allow them to own you and make a bitter person of you..

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But as administrator of a site you don’t feel like you have some responsibility to curb these behaviors? Should I be able to call others “nigger” or “faggot” here on fluther? I mean free speech and people are assholes so we should just accept it right?

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There are so many choices on the internet that it should be easy to find someplace that just about suits anyone. People don’t like being told how to run their business. It’s not as if we have to keep going back and lets not forget…it’s the internet, not face to face. Something often lost on those who live on line or have problems out IRL and feel they have to have an online presence to be alive.

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@woodcutter So you’re saying its acceptable to hold yourself to a lower standard because it’s the internet and not face to face?

Again I agree with your general argument that there are sites catering to all needs or desires its just YouTube is such a big company and frequented by so many people of all different walks of life that they should hold their comment section to a bit higher standards.

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So you’re saying its acceptable to hold yourself to a lower standard because it’s the internet and not face to face?”

No that’s not what I said at all, and you know it. We can hold ourselves to any standard we want. That in no way binds us into participating when a standard goes below ours. In this world there are places that will not be welcoming to everyone. Even utopian dreamers understand this. Attempting to use force to make everyone be everyone’s cup of tea is going to have the opposite effect. Seems it’s only the thin skinned people who just can’t move on. Their own worst enemy.

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@woodcutter Thank you for clarifying. Again I agree with you to an extent it’s just I don’t see how allowing certain behaviors or statements to occur can ever move us forward. It’s almost as if one posting on YouTube can walk away with the notion of “Ohhh I called Kayne West a nigger on YouTube and I got 8 thumbs up out of it. I guess it’s ok to behave in this sort of manner.”

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Not all Clips on youtube are like that. What constitutes a racist remark these days? And who gets to define them, just minorities? Thats the double standard that has creeped into everything. Seriously I think some people just like to bitch about this or that. What if someone whitey were to try to make a big deal out of someone black guy, calling them a creepy ass cracka? Is that not inflammatory ? Sure it is but I think we both know how much traction that complaint is going to get. None at all. Racism is an active two way street but which is worse? Does it depend on how outraged the recipient is that makes it bad or is that to be determined by politics?

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I’ll be the first to tell ya that I think it’s bullshit that as a white male I can never call someone on being racist or sexist cause well I’m a white male…. retarded but true

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“What constitutes a racist remark these days? And who gets to define them, just minorities?”

The fact that you stated that quote suggests heavily that you’ve been in the clear and probably haven’t lived any portion of feeling prejudiced against. Of course this is just my “assumption.”

Think of it this way. Racism was practiced by whites in America. It was social standard. A black guy calling a white man a cracka today doesn’t hold the same weight as whites calling a black man nigger back then. The assumption back then was, I own you, I’m above you. Nowawadays I hear small groups of mixed races clown on each other with jokes of the past.
But the weight of how people are delivering statements on YouTube are quite heavy compared to a joke amongst each other.

I’m not going to discredit the fact that whites can feel like others are racist against them. (But when does this happen? When you drive through Compton? The Red Light district in D.C.? Strolling through Brooklyn, NY, Atlanta, Georgia? When do you feel like people are being racist against you? It hasn’t happened in a way where you feel all of society is against you. It hasn’t happened on a level where you feel like you can’t be part of society or the bigger picture of society. It hasn’t happened against you on the same level as Chinese-Americans, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Filipino-Americans, Indian-Americans, Native Americans!

It has never happened on that scale.

And by you trying to identify minorities as having the only right to complain, you are again trying to put them in a place. You are putting minorities in a box of complainers list. It’s not right.

Get the picture? There are only so many pockets of “minority pockets” in the USA. The point is white male is the still majority. Times are changing and it’s slowly getting better. But goddamn these under the surface stereotype racists who thrive on YouTube giving racism a resurgence is ridiculous.

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If it happens one time against the white guy its just as bad as the other way around. Using old history as an excuse for it isn’t going to make me feel better at all. An asshole is an asshole.

And yeah it has happened to me but you know what? I just consider the source. Something more should do but oooooh no, we can’t waste the opportunity to get some fake outrage mileage from it. Whatever. Don’t like how a online discussion is shaping up? Then don’t add to the fire making yourself madder by the minute. It’s your own fault if you get all butthurt. Use the control you have to end it….leave. Be some place where people are more sympathetic

You should make it a point to not be assuming someday.

See what just happened there?

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Because, for the time being at least, they want my respect.

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