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What is your favourite Pink Floyd tune?

Asked by SenatorBailey (106points) June 17th, 2008

Mine is probably High Hopes, followed by Stay, Mudmen, Chapter 24, and the Final Cut

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Wish you were here.

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Hey You, Us & Them and Wish You Were Here

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See Emily Play. But not really. I used to love the whole Pulse album. Did anyone else have the case with the blinking light? That drove me nuts until I took out the battery.

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I am the same as wildflower, Wish You Were Here. Then probably Learning to Fly as second choice.

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Another person for “Wish You Were Here”

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The Gnome or anything on The Piper At The Gates of Dawn.

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Comforatbly Numb and The Final Cut

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I have to say the entire “Wall” album.

I happened to be in Germany after the Berlin Wall came down and managed to get to Berlin in time to see Roger Waters (and many others) perform “The Wall”. That was a life altering event.

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“I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it’s got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good.”

I have to second peedub, Piper is an amazing album. I have also been on a “San Tropez” kick lately (on Meddle).

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Fearless and pigs

Or darkside of the rainbow. DSOTM played in sync to wizard of oz

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comfortably numb

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I like the one with the kinda slow drumbeat, psychedelic vibe, soft harmonies, and the lush guitar. Oh, and the witty lyrics.

guess I like’em all…

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Comfortably Numb. Great guitar solo

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Comfortably Numb the first short solo is extremely emotional.

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My first thought was “Comfortably Numb,” but everyone says that. So my second favorite is “Marooned” off of Division Bell.

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I wish I could be comfortably numb right now

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See Emily Play

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I do love Echoes

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gotta go with “Dogs,” but hell, it could change daily with however im feelin at the time

was jammin’ “Atom Heart Mother” in the car just earlier today…

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