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Iphone queston/help?

Asked by ryibd (27points) June 18th, 2008

my friend recently purchased an iphone and his comes with all different skins, wallpapers, different icons (for weather, text, stocks, etc) and mine doesnt. is there anything i should download or does anyone know how to get these

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Just to clarify – the iPhone your friend bought didn’t come with any of those things- it came just like yours did.

Ask your friend to help you add those extras via jailbreaking (like sndfreQ suggested) if that’s what you want, but in all honesty I wouldn’t recommend it unless you feel comfortable hacking and there’s something you want on your iPhone you can’t get any other way. Keep in mind that a major software update is coming soon that will allow you access to all kinds of cool apps without modding or jailbreaking your phone at all.

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Be patient.
Like jballou says, the 2.0 firmware is much better than jailbreaking any day of the week. Having said that you could always jailbreak and restore before the update, but why bother with that messing around. Wait until the firmware comes out. It’ll be worth it.

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thanks for the help guys

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[Fluther Moderator:] Great question! In the future though, try using a more descriptive title. For example, you could have used “How do I add wallpapers, different icons and skins to my iPhone?” Good luck, and welcome to Fluther!

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