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What would a stray cat like to eat and drink?

Asked by emt333 (789points) June 18th, 2008

There is a stray in my driveway and i want to put something out for it but heard that milk is actually bad for cats. is this true and what should i substitute?

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meow mix and water!

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Cat food and water but be prepared to have a consistant supply because you will probably have many more visits!!!

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Milk tends to give cats diarrhea. I would just put out some dry cat food and water. Of course, the cat could probably find water on its own. Be careful not to leave too much food out or you’ll find yourself feeding all the neighborhood cats.

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dry food and water mixed in one bowl or separately?

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In two different bowls. Also beware, rodents and other critters might come to dine as well.

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If you’re willing to spend a couple bucks, you can also buy a special kind of milk designed for cats. Whiskas makes a good brand.

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Animal lover though I am, I would shy away from feeding/encouraging derelict critters.
One word: Rabies.
Especially if you have kids.

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I agree with Knot. Stray kitty may mean feral kitty. I strongly recommend you do your research before feeding it.

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tuna juice!!

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tuna juice on a slice of white bread!

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How about a nice trip to the animal shelter?

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If you wish it dead, then that’s a great idea.

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Well, not exactly. But healthy, spayed/neutered, and adopted would be nice.

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Shelter = Death. Just shoot it yourself.

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We adopted our dog from a shelter. She didn’t die. :\

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It is best to consider your eventual plans vis a vis the cat. Once you feed it, it will return. if you can approach it and perhaps touch it, it may, in fact, be either a stray or a neighbor’s cat looking for extra chow. A true feral cat will not let you approach.

If a stray, you could take it in or take it to a rescue group or shelter that is no kill. (After checking with your neighbors and maybe drving around to check for lost cat signs on phone poles, etc.)

If a feral cat and your climate allows them, you should get a humane trap. There are agencies everywhere that make this possible. The cats are tested for feline leukemia and aids. If they infected, they are put down. If clean, they are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and then released again.

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I wouldn’t feed the cat, unless you want it hanging around your house.

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If you plan to provide this cat long term, I’d recommend a low cost dry food and plenty of water. One way to stop other cats and animals from coming around is to feed kitty on a schedule, then remove the food when kitty is done. If it truly is feral consider spay/neuter and release. If its a stray, consider finding it a home. Enjoy the good karma either way!!

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In regards to rabies…the chance of rabies in most communities is extremely low. If you live in the city or suburbs rabies is hardly a concern.

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@tineyfaery Yes, but that is only because of large-scale vaccination.

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Feed it until you can catch it and then either give it a home or take it to a no kill shelter. :-)

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Yeah, look for local no-kill shelters and/or non-government feral cat helping individuals, especially if it might not be fixed, or if it seems unhealthy.

But, ya, water and cat food. Delirium’s suggestion of tuna juice or tuna would probably be greatly appreciated.

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