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Do you believe in sin?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 6th, 2013

We have sayings, ”sin against nature”, ”the seven deadly sins”, that inbreeding is a sin, etc, if you believe in sin, why do you? If what is believed is sin in the US was different that what was believed as sin in Asia, Europe, Polynesia, etc, who is right and who is wrong? If there is sin just for sin’s sake, why would sin be wrong?

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Me neither.

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I feel there is no such thing as “sin,” only horrible behaviors and horrible actions. Don’t have to be religious to figure that out.

The thing about “sin,” is it can get so subjective because of human spin. In some countries, including ours sometimes, a girl gets raped, and SHE’S the one who has sinned! Prostitutes are sinful. The Johns are “just being guys.”

Calling something a sin should be a sin.

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No, I don’t. I think some things are definitely wrong, but not sinful. I’ve never understood that word.

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It’s a religious word @tups, used to control people, to make them afraid to do things outside of the conscription of the church.

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I don’t, but I love making them up all the time – as in “It’s a sin to wake a sleeping baby” and “It’s a sin to leave the water running”

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You have to try doing all sorts of sins to see which ones fit your definition.

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The theology I follow is that sin is something that separates a person from God/Spirit/Holiness/Harmony. So an action is not in and of itself sinful, it is more a question of why: do you steal a loaf of bread because you think only of yourself and want to eat it, or do you steal to feed your sister’s starving child? Do you kill someone out of anger and jealousy, or as a matter of protecting someone from continual abuse?

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, I know what the word means, I just don’t understand it.

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It’s just a control word that people made up.

@zenvelo exactly.

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This is the only type of Sin that I believe in.

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Yeah, pride is a sin.

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I believe in right and wrong, but not sin per se.

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No. Mistakes and bad choices yes, but sin no.

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Nope, just Jecht.

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If you do something that violates your conscience, like an atheist going to church, the uncomfortable feeling you get is sin.

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@Blondesjon I see wut j00 did thar. lol

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@Symbeline A very over the top, gaudy building is sin and nothing else? How is the building sin and sin to whom, certainly not those building it, or have built it? Just wondering…....

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Sin is the misunderstanding/ ignorance of the way nature of Life.
We sin because we will inevitably will create for it ourselves when we see some things as good and and some things as evil.

But when knowledge of Life comes we will stop sin and also realise that we have never sinned.

It not only only those within religion who are affected by sin, but all men who understand and differentiate between good and evil.

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Oddly, even though I am an atheist, and I know the word is religious in origin, I use the word sin from time to time, and “believe” that some things are a sin. The way I use it however, is just as a description. I don’t believe in any god that could be there declaring what is and what is not sin, but I will consider some things to be a sin.

Really, the way I use it, is just as a scale of how bad something is. I would only use it to emphasize just how bad something is.

I will also use words like soul and gospel, in a non musical sense, also without the religious belief part of the word.

The words soul, sin, etc. are useful to some extent, so I will use them. For example, I would have no problem saying “that girls ass stirs up something in my soul” or “wasting a good steak is a sin”.

In regards to believing in sin, then I also kind of have to say that I do. I do really think that it is a sin and/or sinful to do certain things. Mostly, I will use it in relation to waste or wasting things, and in relation to comedic exaggeration.

The most traditional use I give the word, is in relation to the topic of greed. I would not have any complaints if someone used the word sin to describe some of the things that banks get up to.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’m just being funny. You know, an extravagant cathedral, whereas pride is supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins? ’‘elbow nudge’’ Huh, huh? :D

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—@Hypocrisy_Central “gaudy building ”
I see what you did there.

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Not per se; I believe in morality and “right” and “wrong” actions, but I don’t know if I’d use the word “sin”. I find it a fascinating concept, the way people become entangled in what constitutes a “sin” and what doesn’t and how you absolve yourself of it and all that. I’ve been reading a lot about Rasputin and he would tell women that if they had sex with him, he’d “cure their sins” (believing that women are inherently more “sinful” than men) and he was probably loosely affiliated with a Russian religious sect that believed in “group sinning” (i.e. orgies) to ultimately cleanse themselves of sin. Interesting stuff…

I’ve even heard people say homosexuality is the result of “sins committed in the womb”. The sheer mania that the concept of “sin” inspires is fascinating to me.

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Yes, it is a sin to throw out a perfectly delicious dessert.
I agree with @DominicX that the word sin is more of a concept of right and wrong and morality.
We each have our own sense of right and wrong. Our individual morality is created by what we observe around us, what we learn, what we are told and even by what religion we choose.
But most people would label killing or harming a child as sinful, or evil.

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I think you can only have a concept of sin in connection with a religious context. It assumes punishment if you sin. So I don’t use that word. Bad, wrong, there are are so many negative words regarding behavior, that to me, sin doesn’t exist.

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The Oxford dictionary defines sin as “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law”. Since I don’t believe in divine law I don’t believe in sin either. Wrongdoing, sure. Evil, too. But not sin.

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@Symbeline Yeah….men via for the honor of building the TALLEST building ever! It’s all tied in with sports and who has the most television stations and the biggest bar b que grill and silly shite like that. And we all know what THOSE obsessions relate back to!

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@Dutchess_III . . . they relate back to the realization that their penises will never be as large as mine?

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Correct. Every man in the world relates back to your penis @Blondesjon. Even the Empire State Building can’t compare!

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let’s not be silly. a yardstick would be an adequate example.

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Yes I believe in the concept of sin. For me, it is a separate concept from mistakes or bad behaviors. Sin manifests when one knowingly and deceptively attempts to justify their mistakes or bad behaviors as true rightness or goodness.

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@kess We sin because we will inevitably will create for it ourselves when we see some things as good and and some things as evil. If we create sin for ourselves, would not the same apply to good and evil? Some would think that slicing off a female’s clit at a certain age is wrong or evil, but to those who do it, it is not. Some people believe it is ok to burn, stone, or in some way eliminate a female who shames the family name; others think it is wrong or evil. Who gets to choose who is wrong or evil? Would you say they are evil or and you good? How do you really know you are less evil, not evil, or better than them when they can think the same of you? Just wondering……

@poisonedantidote, @DominicX I believe your answers fall close in line with this one, if you would please way in, I am curious to hear your take on it.

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Sin is the state of double mindedness.
It is the product of trying to judge between good and evil.
Evil is created by our minds as we try to understand ourselves in relation to others.

The state of sin, is a necessary part of the human development.
The only thing wrong about the state of sin, is to remain within it perpetually.
You know you are there, once you insist is judging one thing as good and the other as evil.

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IIE mean NO at Japan, sins violate gods’ rules or laws. Gods not exist, sins cannot exist. God and bad relative terms, concept of sin try make absolutes.

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@kess Evil is created by our minds as we try to understand ourselves in relation to others. If evil is mind-created, by whose criteria is evil based on, and how did they (whoever gets to determine evil) get the authority to determine it, more numbers, more arms or weapon to enforce the belief, etc?

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Don’t you think you asking the question with the most obvious answer?

Whose judgements you have to live with every moment of every day all day long?
Who eventually and ultimately stand to gain or lose by those determinations?
How are you you determine whether I have spoken Truly or falsely?
How does it affect me whether you have accepted or rejected all that I have said?

The answers are most obvious to the one who thinks the way of freedom and light.

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@kess Don’t you think you asking the question with the most obvious answer?
Then that would be, if evil is created in the mind there is no evil.

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If it be so, then so be it.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies; Sin manifests when one knowingly and deceptively attempts to justify their mistakes or bad behaviors as true rightness or goodness.

To modern psychiatrists, that’s often called psychopathy.

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To me sin is just another word for immoral or unethical behavior. And since religions can evolve, some behavior considered a sin in the past is no longer considered to be a sin.

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Which means sin is not absolute. ^^^^

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No, of course not. It’s a matter of worldviews and beliefs.

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And traditions.

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