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Would exercise in a gravity force accelerator be fun?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) July 8th, 2013

Also would it be a good workout? Could a sport be made form having a high gravity environment?

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Why not, sounds likes loads of fun, I bet imbibing in a little happy herb would make it really zen. lol
Aaaah…float grasshopper, float.

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Would there also be long-legged women in skimpy workout clothes in there, like at my gym ?

Yes ?

Then yes…..yes it would….

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….Like if the gravity force was, lets say, doubled? I don’t know about fun, but you would definitely get a workout. Being in regular (earth) gravity would seem like a cake walk verses. IBid

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I would think it would be an excellent exercise. Even lifting your arms in the air would be harder. I don’t think I would find it fun though.

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I saw something like that in a Japanese cartoon. Dragonball Z. It’s kind of funny to see it here.

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@majorrich That was exactly what I thought about when I read this question :P

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