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If you were playing trivia what questions would you like to hear?

Asked by shego (11093points) July 9th, 2013 from iPhone

I am going to be helping out one of my friends with trivia, and I have found lots of really good questions. I am wondering if you could share some of your favorite trivia questions.

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How many planets in the solar system, in the universe as of 2013, why was Pluto demoted, and what year.

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Is it true that when you urinate a small amount of urine is secreted in your saliva at the same time?

Zing…true! From “Fact or Crap” great game

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Are you helping her study? Or, helping her make up questions? I like some math and science questions. A lot of trivia doesn’t include a lot of those.

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Do you look at the toilet paper after you wipe?

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@Coloma No way!!!!!! Really??????

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I love setting pub/trivia quizzes. I like to throw in some current affairs questions at the last minute, see how much attention people pay to the news. When I’m participating in one, I like questions about nature and geography. Sports and TV questions kill me.

Here’s my current favourite. “In terms of the frequency of light radiation that it emits, what colour is our Sun?” It’s actually green.

With a question like that you have to phrase it very carefully to avoid ambiguity, you can’t just say “What colour is the Sun?” because that depends on how you measure it. Visually, it’s white. Viewed on the horizon, it’s orange. It might not even be clear which sun you’re referring to.

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Some of these are very interesting, I like keep them coming.
@JLeslie I am helping her prepare questions and all the places we have gone to play trivia we get at least one or two math and science questions a round. So if you know of any please enlighten me.
I am really looking for some interesting finds. She is not doing trivia at a normal place like a bar or tavern, she is doing trivia at the history and science museum.

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What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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Who played ‘Lumpy’ on “Leave It To Beaver” ?

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@ZEPHYRA Yes, really! Weird huh?

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As I used to tell my friends who accused me of knowing too much trivia, I don’t know any trivia, everything I know is very important.

How many continents are there? Name them.

What year was the War of 1812?

Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?

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How many hockey teams were there in the league that became the NHL? What was Babe Ruth’s highest single season batting average? What was Sergeant Zale’s first name on MASH?

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Yeah, there’s our friend Google, but I am pretty lazy, so my guesses are:
– 6
– uuuuuhh…...331 ?
– Elmo ?

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@OneBadApple That’s pretty good. There were six teams in the NHL when it formed. The original league started with 10 but four folded in the Depression. Ruth’s best season was .393, I think tenth best ever. And Zale’s first name was Zelmo.

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So, Adirondack, if you are generous, I guess my grade is about a C-minus (come on, man…..I deserve partial credit for being only one letter off on Sgt Zale’s name, no ??)

I grew up a Yankees fan, and am embarrassed that I was 62 points off on my Babe guess….

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All of them. I am very difficult to beat at trivia.

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@OneBadApple Nah, that be at least a B. I was impressed you were that close on Zale and knew the original 6.

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@whitenoise African or Eurasian?

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