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GIRLS: Difference in breast size?

Asked by jellyfishqueen (7points) June 18th, 2008

OK. One of my breasts is larger than the other one. Does anyone else have this? Is it common?

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I’m not a girl, but yes, it’s very common. And I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

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Whether it’s noticeable or not, noone has an exact matching pair :) don’t panic!

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I’m a guy and my left pectoral muscle is larger than my right. Most people are somewhat asymmetric. My left ear is slightly larger than my right as well. None of my girlfriends have had perfectly symmetrical breasts.

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Also, one of your eyes is usually larger. Same with hands and feet. And one of your legs is usually longer then the other as well. Humans are not symmetrical

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Yes! My right is smaller than my left. Also, my right foot is bigger than my left foot. Just like jballou says, we’re not really symmetrical.

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It is very unusual to be fully symmetric. If you’re in your early to mid teens, you’re probably still developing and the proportions can still change. Even later, it’s quite normal for there to be some difference.

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It’s normal. You may think that it people notice it, but nobody can tell. Don’t worry too much as stated above. Nobody is fully symmetrical!

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I believe that asymmetri with regards to breats is more normal than any other body parts – except for muscle toned areas, perhaps. But trust me, it is very normal to have different sized breasts, and it’s nothing we men worry about.

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Having one without a nipple might be a problem. Them being a different size is not. I am a guy. I have never been with someone that had a “matching pair”.

And my testicles are not even close to being symmetrical.

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@johnpowell Too much information.

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@jp, yeah, one side of my scrotum is wrinkled and the other side is smooth.

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@kevbo Stop, already, you guys! :)

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If you take a photo of 1/2 of your face, reverse it and match it up, you will find a totally different person. Most people prefer one side to the other as well.

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@Seesul How dare a different person occupy half my face and not pay me rent!

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Fair enough, badly stated, but you get what I mean don’t you? Actually a lot of “outsiders” occupy your body and not only don’t pay rent, but some even make you sick. Thanks for the laugh, Marina. It took me a while to even state it the way that I did.

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@Seesul Me making smart remark. Sorry, not in any way meant as a criticism of how you stated your post, which was perfectly clear. I have noticed that very much in photos of myself or others.

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Not taken badly at all, Marina. I’m still chuckling.

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how big of a diff are we talking?

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That is one reason why I find finding a comfortable bra so difficult. The left girl is a B+ and the right one a C. (Due to small lumpectomy, so I am not complaining.) Most women are slightly asymmetrical. It is less noticeable for women with small breasts (B and A cups.)

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Hmmm, pics or it didn’t happen :p

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Runway models, in addition to being 6’ tall and weighing 110 lbs, have completely symmetrical features – and they are so thin that they have either no breasts or implants.

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I don’t have it that I know of, but I know most of my friends are slightly asymmetrical. Its very common. Don’t worry.

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I had the issue in my teens, and I was concerned…. I grew out of it for the most part. Lol. But my right one still haunts me a little.

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So back to the question of a good bra – for asymmetry. Any suggestions? (wireless).

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They make custom bras, even asymmetrical ones.

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@Breefield. Nice try!

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Heh…it’s cute that you think I need Fluther for boob shots :p

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@Del: only $128 plus s/h for a custom-made bra – that is non-returnable. Not a good visual site, either. I can do just as well with a needle and thread. But thanks for finding it.

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And let us not forget the safety pin.

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