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Will you vote in the upcoming Presidential election and why or why not?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) June 18th, 2008

I am always puzzled at the low turnout of voters in the U.S. compared to to other places in the world. I am so grateful that I can vote. What do you think about voting?

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no. I live in the UK. I vote in our elections though.

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I believe it is my duty. We vote by mail so it is really easy. I have voted in every election that I could. People that don’t vote need to STFU if they can’t be bothered to actually do it.

edit :: and I know that some places have disenfranchised voters. You can still complain. I’m bitching about people that don’t want to miss tonight’s episode of “The Wheel of Fortune.”

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Absolutely :)

I’m a former HRC supporter for Obama.

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It is the duty of every eligible US citizen to vote. I will be voting to support my candidate. John Mcain.

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If I were one year older, I could. And I would…vote for Obama.

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I’ll be voting, I like to keep up on politics and the world etc ect. I wish more people would vote and be interested in these things but I don’t think people should vote if they don’t know or care to know about the issues or candidates. I don’t like blind votes basically.

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not me, because im canadian.

here, the troublemakers who protest every little thing the government does feel like “rebelling” and vote for the green party, which is like a joke. this trend of “rebellion” is growing, and every year, the green party has a better chance of winning. the first year they were formed they had something like 0.001% of the votes, last election they had 9% i think. another reason for this is because they want to legalize weed.

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Absolutely! Voting Obama.

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I’ll be there with bells on.

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I’m voting and for obama I must add

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Indeed I will. With me thinking cap screwed on tight, spectacles on, and gloves off.

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Yes I will be voting and I honestly cannot wait for the day! I will be assisting one of my friends in campaigning for Obama in our city, which I expect to be a lot of fun!

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i vote for class president

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I’m a former Clinton supporter and yes, I will be voting this year for Obama. I can’t wait, the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get that idiot OUT of the whitehouse & Obama IN!

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anyone else see deja vu? remember when everyone wanted kerry to win because everyone hated bush…what happened….everyone loves Obama….oh shit.

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This is the first presidential election that I can actually vote in. Combine that with the intense dislike of Bush, and you can definitely count on my vote.

For Obama.

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Maybe. This is going to be my first election and I am pretty hyped up about it. But I know myself well enough to tell that I am one of the laziest people around and so if i had to choose between 3 more hours of sleep or vote, I’d pick sleep

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mirza, if you pick sleep and mccain wins, you will have bad dreams for four more years.

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@playthebanjo: nope. even bush didn’t get enough attention from me to make into my dreams.

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last election was my first. I was highly dissapointed. I couldn’t believe it. I was so scared that what’s happening now was going to happen. How DID this happen!?
Get mad if you want, but I’m OBAMA baby! I was going Clinton, but i like them both. Bush has always been stupid. We were
just too brainwashed to see it. people.

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my phone messed up . Okay. So to finish up- there is no simple anwser for me to say. I have an iPhone, and I don’t feel like typing anymore- so just vote! (obama)

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@mirza Get an absentee ballot, guy!

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I will vote! I read an article that listed various countries and the ages of people 60, 70 years old walking 20 miles to wait all day to cast a ballot. How anyone could not vote is beyond me.

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I love to vote. I loved my states’ caucusing process. I want
Obama to keep talking to us. I want McCain to talk all he wants from his customary seat in the Senate.

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Practical question: I moved states recently and haven’t registered to vote yet. When is the deadline to register for the November elections? (I’m in California.)

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Nope, I live in the Netherlands so I can’t. Though if I would, it’d probably be a wasted vote as the chance is very low I identify most with either the democrats or the republicans.

Then again, is a low turnout that bad? Most people in the Netherlands vote but among them are a lot of people that don’t really care, voting without really knowing what they’re voting on. That’s not really supportive of a democratic system…

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@ TL – your registration must be postmarked by October 20th, 2008 to be able to vote in the general election. But I say, why wait until then? Better safe than sorry! Here’s my source

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who’s the that man behind the curtain? Me! Pokin’ buttons and pulling’ levers!

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I’m voting for Obama. I love voting. The first time I got to vote I was in college and woke up early so I could vote before class because I was so excited. What a dork!

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@ emily – i am like that too . i think it is such a privilege! and i feel like i am getting a say in something important. i am very excited for voting this november :)

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Yes I fought in a war and watched my friends die defending this country which is the best country in the world. So be damned those who don’t vote. By the way I will vote McCain because he is a bigger supporter of MY beliefs than Obama because I feel he supports my troops.

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@gooch—doesn’t supporting the troops also mean getting them back here? i think everyone supports the troops, its just a matter of what they should be doing…. I’d love to see our troops doing more domestic projects. there are a lot of needy communities here at home.

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I agree with emilyrose, gooch. If McCain really supported our troops, he would stop this country from occuping Iraq (who never posed a threat or attacked us) and send our troops home to their families. Most of our troops are National Guardsmen and have no business being in Iraq to begin with. If he supported the American people then he would send the Guard home so they could help us in the event of a natural disaster like the one that just happened. I bet you voted for Bush, didn’t you? I just love how republicans care so much about our troops…..

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