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Which CANADIAN politician would/will you vote for?

Asked by shadling21 (6496points) October 6th, 2008

Canadian politics shall be overshadowed no more on Fluther! No one is talking about our upcoming election.

I haven’t yet figured out who to vote for. Many of my friends are voting Green, which is rather unprecedented. Even the fact that an election was called is controversial. And what’s with the leaders’ similar names ? A conspiracy if I ever saw one!

So, let’s get the ball rolling. Who are you voting for and why?

If you’re American, what have you heard about this whirlwind election? If you were a Canadian citizen, who would you vote for?

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The U.S. is going to take over Canada soon anyways, so it doesn’t matter who gets elected he’ll be working for us.

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I’m from Montreal, Quebec, and I’m voting liberal. Its always been between conservative and liberal for me. I really didn’t appreciate the cut in the arts/culture funding proposed by Harper, and he wants to put 14 year old in jail (not juvi), which I think is not appropriate because they’re so young and can pick up more “tricks” in prison. Dion is putting more money in research and development for medical treatment and the advancement of science, which is one of the things supporting my family (my dad’s an oncologist and relies on government grants). He will also look out for Canada’s best interest in the repercussions to the economic crisis in the US.

The green party is out of the question because they’re “one aimed”. They only want a green nation, and will do almost anything to get it. The NDP is out of my choices because they’re too extreme. Once they start implementing their policies, we might get too used to them and it would be hard to get weened off of the services after their term. The bloc is a stupid party that wants radical change and cannot technically win.

I’m pretty apathetic about the situation in Afghanistan for now, and the health care system works for me. For me, its not much about the person in charge, but about the party.

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Dion! I’ve always liked him. His head’s in the right place.

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@queenzblvd If you’re in the US, you might want to knock that chip off your shoulder and look around… The US has proven unable to invade and overthrow even the weakest of nations and clearly is not capable of even governing itself.

As for Canada, the past 3 years of Harper emulating the US has been almost as disasterous as those policies have been in the US. Thank gawd there’s an election so we can try to correct course before it’s too late (like in the US). I’m hoping for a Liberal minority government and that the Green party gets enough votes to become “official” (12 seats, I think). I think both of those are possible, but I think most people know far too little about politics to make an informed voting decision.

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I fear that I am not Canadian and so therefore cannot vote. I also live in extreme southern Texas where the Mexican political scene gets much more coverage than Canada’s and where government documents are printed in English and Spanish.

However, if Harper is anything at all like Dubya (George W. Bush) then I would say vote against his party and policies as much as you can!

I have very much enjoyed the bits of Canada I have gotten to visit and I would hate to see it become more like the US.

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one thing i dont get: why was the english debate on the same night and same time as the palin vs. biden debate? they know people wouldnt be watching. (like me)

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Yeah… Several people have expressed that they find American politics more entertaining, so they watched the Palin/Biden debate rather than the Canadian one. Perhaps certain politicians want us to remain ignorant? Or maybe they wanted to force Canadians to choose between the two.

Personally, I watched neither. But I certainly heard about the American one. I’ll have to research to find out what went down at our own debate. Sad, isn’t it?

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Actually, the Canadian Debate was more entertaining than the VP debate.

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i heard just the other day from a friend in B.C. that you guys are having an election! i read the news every day from multiple sources and have heard NOTHING about this- WTF? I dont’ know who you should vote for, but that’s because I don’t know anything about your election. I love Canada, though- you guys are mellow :)

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Haha! Mellow. Yep!

I eavesdropped on a conversation today in which a person argued that Canada’s strongest points included comedians (apparently there is a ridiculous number of successful Canadian ones), television shows for youth, and support of marijuana use.

The other person said, “So, a Canadian is someone who gets high while watching Degrassi and makes fun of it?”

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Conservative minority.


My opinion?
Waste of time and money.

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Can that Mrs. Trudeau who used to hang out with The Rolling Stones be recruited to run for anything ??

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Another Canadian election in Oct 19 2015

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Another Canadian election in Oct. 2019.

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