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Is it possible for another individual or company to erase things off of your facebook?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) July 15th, 2013

Weirdest thing happened. I went to a Beyonce concert on Friday, checked her Tumblr last night and saw that one of the few pictures she posted of that concert had me in it. So I naturally was freaking out with happiness and clicked the Share to Facebook link at the bottom. Posted it to Facebook, people liked, commented, etc. This morning I checked my Facebook and it isn’t there anymore. The post isn’t there, nor are the notifications associated with it. It’s like it never even happened. I’m confused?

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Stuff that is linked from others, or came from others, or tags other people can be removed without your consent, since it wasn’t “yours” to begin with.

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Facebook is telling me that tumblr links are blocked by facebook for being “spammy” or “unsafe”, which makes no sense to me?

Especially because I highly doubt Beyonce cares if I repost a picture from her blog and would go through the trouble of removing it. Normally if something is removed by someone else, the content is gone but the associated notifications will remain. I think it’s a facebook issue because the notifications are gone too.

It’s not super important, I just want to know why it happened because I’ve posted tumblr pictures before.

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I guess @cutiepi92 you know more than I do, what is confusing and why did you post your question if you already knew?

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I didn’t, just found out afterwards because I tried to post it again >_< Can’t delete the question

but if that was the case they shouldnt have let me post it the first time?

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Next time, save it in your phone or computer and that way you should have it in your own images to repost.

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^ Agreed. What you should have done is download the picture, then post it on Facebook yourself. If you simply shared or linked the photo from Beyonce’s page (or wherever), they can take it down whenever they choose.

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Only the owner of the original Facebook post, or Facebook themselves, can remove content from Facebook. If you didn’t take it down then Facebook staff did. Possibly because of “spam” (too many pics from Tumblr on Facebook maybe?) or more likely, because Beyonce or her lawyers asked for it to be removed. If the same pic is gone from her Tumblr as well, I suspect she’s changed her mind about that particular picture.

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nah the picture is still up there on Tumblr, like I said before I highly doubt if she cares that someone reposted a picture that’s on her own website. It seems to be a Facebook issue. Don’t see the reason why but oh well :/.

@glacial I’ll do that. thanks

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Then maybe Facebook have some personal or legal reason for removing the link. Either they don’t like Tumblr for some reason (it doesn’t generate enough advertising revenue perhaps?) or they are afraid of a lawsuit from Beyonce.

Anyway, if her picture is still on Tumblr, simply download it from there to your hard disk, then upload it to your own Facebook photos.

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