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Are you an eldest child, youngest child or middle child?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6773points) June 18th, 2008

hows that working out for you.

im middle and it was tough when i was younger, but ever since i had therapy, my parents gave me more attention and now im a bit spoiled :P

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Only child, thank you.

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Youngest. It’s kind of annoying, because people automatically think the youngest child is spoiled and gets all the attention. It’s not true for everyone.

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All three.

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Youngest, now only.

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I have an older brother, and it’s just the two of us. So, I am the youngest (by 3 years). My parents (especially my mom) worry and do a lot more things for him than they do for me. He is a lot more dependent on them and likes to stay at home, while I am the “independent, rebellious” type. I feel he has been more spoiled, because I work for things I want, but I also want a lot more things than he does. For example, I got my first camera in 3rd grade, he is 22 now, and he got his first camera a month ago, which I gave him, and it was my old camera that I no longer wanted because I got a new one! He is more responsible of us two, but some of that has to do with being older of course. In summary – being the youngest hasn’t really affected me in the way you hear about the “youngest stereotypes” which makes sense because we defy most stereotypes in our family. (such as, even though i am the girl, i am the mechanic of the house, while my brother can break anything he touches etc)

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Oldest. Caretaker. The responsible one. None of that by choice either.

Does it affect us later in life? There is little agreement on this. Here is Dr. Larry Lake on the topic:

“There are psychologists who swear by the notion that birth order is the absolute cause of behavior. Others are equally convinced birth order means nothing.

Research before 1980 tended to be reviewed as saying birth order is directly correlated to personality. However, a thorough review of pre- and post-1980 research suggests that an enormous preponderance of studies see absolutely no difference, slight or mixed. The number of studies suggesting a definite relationship between birth order and behavior is very small. Most of those studies relied on a sibling’s description of what it was like to live with older or younger brother or sister and/or parent report. Studies using objective measures conducted outside the family tended to find no difference.

For my money, too much emphasis is placed on birth order as an explanation for any number of behaviors. It ignores the fact that children in any family are different and receive varied responses from parents and siblings. The same child who is a lion at home may be a lamb in the peer group or vice versa.”

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@ Marina – i would agree with the people that believe birth order is not that significant in the big scope of things.

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we are only two, I’m the oldest… Exactly for 1year and two months, we get along very good, we’ve never have fights, I miss her sooo much!! I haven’t seen her in 3 years :(

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Middle. Peacemaker.

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@2late2be May you soon be reunited. One of the few highlights of coming home during my Mom’s illness recently has been laughing with my sisters and spending time with them.

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oldest. And I like helping my siblings and parents out.

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Middle! I am between two boys. being the only girl growing up was rough. Now though everyone depends on me just a little too much. Drives me crazy!!!

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Oldest!! And only girl. I tell my mom I’m her favorite. She says yes. My favorite daughter :-)

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Oldest child, only daughter… But, here’s the catch… My Dad left the day I was born to serve in Vietnam. He was in Oakland, California at the airport waiting to board the plane when he found out I had been born. He did not see me for a year. Six years later he and my mom had identical twins who were and still are the light of their lives. They are boys. I sometimes feel that because they missed my birth together and that first year together, the birth of the twins was even more special like a first birth?? I am very close to my Dad and brothers. My mom is bi-polar so being close to her is kind of tough.

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Oldest. I would pick the others up by their collars if they tried to fight.

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oldest, though my sister is only 18 months younger. so we’re close enough to be friends :]

@marina, that’s interesting because my younger sister is definitely way more responsible than me. haha. I don’t think birth order has much to do with it.. I like to do what I want, float around and chill and my sister is a perfectionist. I’m not a very good role model I guess. :p

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I am the eldest child of six (soon to be seven) kids.

Well… It’s working out OK. I sometimes have to step in and stop fighting or get rid of things that my siblings shouldn’t have… But my family is pretty responsible, so, I don’t have to do that much.

I have four sisters and one brother currently, so I love to tease my brother every chance I get. He and my dad are hoping that the baby is going to be a boy. I hope not, ‘cause I have my hands full with one brother already!

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I’m the oldest of two, and the “bad” kid. My sister learned all the things not to do from watching me. Lucky girl. :)

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I’m the second child, which is a weird dynamic if you have an older sister. I always had the “protector” role, not the “little brother.” Might have been different the other way ‘round.

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I’m the oldest of 3

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oldest of three. or eldest? whichever, we fit the birth order descriptions. i get to be the good, responsible one. baby brother is clueless and pampered. middle bro was a bit neglected. how much any of it has to do with the little one being a biological child has always been a question for me. but i don’t feel anyone was more or less loved because they were adopted.

a friend had a brother who was 6 years younger, because her parents had read that 6 was the optimal space between siblings to maximize…umm…smartness…

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Youngest, and only girl.. spoiled BRAT here!!

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only & lonely :(

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Middle…. and i agree with people when they say we are the trouble making rebellious ones. Im the only one out of my sisters and brother that get in trouble.

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I am but the middle.
And I’m so far from being spoiled. I enjoy it. Less attention, means for me, I get to roam around my town without my parents flipping out about the time. Y’know?

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