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How many larger pets (cats/dogs) are too many, in your opinion?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11154points) July 26th, 2013

(Not talking small pets like hamsters, birds and fish).

I don’t live with my partner yet. When we do, we will have three cats. That’s our limit. Personally, I could see having three dogs, two dogs and a cat, a dog and two cats, or three cats, but that’s it.
Anymore than that is a bit much.

What about you?

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Unless you have a farm, that’s a good limit. I currently live on my family’s farm and we have about 12 dogs and quite a few other animals.

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My pat. grandfather always had two great Danes; here’s one of them (KIng) with me and grandpa.

He also kept horses, a parrot, and for a while a honey bear in the garage in his house in Florida.

It eventually wasn’t about the number of dogs but about the amount of raw meat they ate each day.

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There is a house in our neighborhood where, for economic reasons, several adult children (and families) have moved back in with (Grand)Mom. The house and yard seem large enough to accommodate the extended clan, but with each family adding another dog (or two or three), it sounds like a kennel club behind that 8-foot fence. None of the dogs are larger than 10–15 lbs., but when one starts barking, they all want to chime in. At last count there were eleven, which IMHO is about 8 too many.

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For regular joes like me or people with mental illnesses? I’d say if you’re able to provide food, shelter, attention and cleanliness, including vet bills and room to run and play, have as many as you can and the law will allow (I belive in city limits, it’s six here?!)

If you tie a dog to a tree and call that being a good owner, you should have none.

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It depends on the size of your home and the amount of time and money you are willing and able to invest in taking care of them.

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My maximum would be three cats or two dogs. Dogs – in my opinion – require more work and time than cats, so I would have a lower limit for them so that they could have enough attention and care. And I get really irritated by people who have dogs and then go to work all day. Why have a dog at that point?

We have had three cats in the past and had no issues. More than that and I think it could have been a little much.

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My maximum once upon a time living on rural property was, 4 cats, 1 dog, 4 rabbits, 1 Maccaw, 1 Cockatiel, 26 chickens, 3 geese a donkey, a horse, 2 pet rats, and a fish tank. It was a LOT of work, but I was younger and loved it. Now it is just 2 cats, and I have zero desire to ever have a dog again. Out of all creatures dogs are the most work.

Yep, if you have the time, space and resources have as many pets as you can truly love, pay attention to and support.

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As many as would not be deleterious to their care, your relationships, your finances, and your well-being [as long as no provisions against it where you live].

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3 dogs, max. Any more than that and you have a PACK. You do not want a pack of dogs.
2 or 3 cats, if you can take care of them all.

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Three animals is a good limit. That would be my max as well. However, the combination I’d prefer is two dogs and one cat. I love my kitty, but anymore than one cat per household is too many for me. And three dogs is too many. Hell, two might be too many.

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I had 4 cats for a bit. That was too much. Three is my limit, but my preference is for two (that get along).

I don’t care to have dogs again, but if I did I would require a larger house/yard and smaller dog(s).

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Right now I have a cat,my mother has a dog. We have one cat that never really picked a person. And our roommate has a cat.
I think this is too many animals. My roommate and her cat should just leave. :D

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Three animals is the limit probably.

If you live on a big farm in a climate that they can be outside a lot then it can be more. Probably 5 is my limit in that situation.

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My beloved geese of 15 years now live on a 10 acre ranch with 4 donkeys, a horse, a dog and chickens. I still get to live the ranch life vicariously through my visits and videos.
I got a video of Marwyn the other night in the chicken coop…haha, he squeezes through the little door. He also loves to hang out in the tack room by the horse.

He will always be a ranch goose. :-)

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@Coloma I’m glad that he’s doing well!

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You know we live on a farm and two dogs and one cat are our perfect number.

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Three dogs right now, a few years back in rural New England we had three dogs and six indoor cats and twenty strays outside ( people just would drive up and drop a litter of kittens.)

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The municipal regulations in our area have a 4 pet limit. I would like to have a ranch where I could have about a dozen.

I recently read of a cat rescue in the back country that burned down – that would be sad to have too many pets to save.

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I have one cat, and our relationship is ideal. He comes inside for food, he eats, then comes up to me for affection, plays with my son for a bit, and then asks to go back outside to continue his adventures until next mealtime.

I love animals, just not high-maintenance ones.

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Cats and horses are the most low maintenance animals there are. Horses need grooming and feeding but they, like cats, could care less if you leave them alone for hours at a time. haha
Although my old horse did love to “go”...that is similar to a dog. When he knew we were heading out for a 10 mile trail ride he was full of piss and vinegar. lol

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I’d say two.

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We currently have five dogs and two cats. One dog is unfortunately 14 years old and her time is very short… and another of the dogs is actually my daughter’s, but seems to have become a permanent resident here. I don’t think I want to have so many dogs again, but it’s more because I’m getting older. Also I don’t think I will have such big dogs again; my big male is almost 160 lbs and has chronic heart failure(although he is currently doing very well)... but I can’t pick him up to get him in the car if he can’t do it himself.
I think the number is variable, depending on the person and on the animals.

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Here is another shot of one of my grandfather’s great Danes, showing why he kept only two of them. KIng, the gentle giant, was an appetite on legs (but a sweet dog who allowed me to ride him when I was very young.)

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I think three is absolutely more than enough for me, ideally I would have a two cat household. I have more than that (3 cats/2 dogs), part of which is the result of combining households with my husband, but I never wanted all of these pets and I still don’t. I love my animals dearly, but most days I am frazzled and stressed out trying to keep up with them. Part of me looks forward to the day that I will have fewer, my kitties are getting pretty old, but I am also heartbroken at the thought that they will probably start dying soon. I do love them, of course.

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@gailcalled I know I’ve said this before, but I do love your pictures

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