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Is there Fluther etiquette on when to respond to Questions?

Asked by captaindh00m (101points) June 19th, 2008

Not is there a dumb question/is there a dumb response, but generally is it accepted to answer all the questions you can and ask the ones you want to know? I’m new to the community. Is there etiquette to responding to your own questions/responding to people who respond to your questions?

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My advice is to read for a while before you start asking/responding. Spend a day getting a feel for the place.

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Yes you can ask all questions you want to know, but if the answer is easily googled, then you should probably save yourself the embarrassment and flutherers the busy work. Also, asking questions such as “my back hurts. what’s wrong?” or “i like this girl, does she like me?” are annoying because there could be a million reasons for why your back hurts, and since we are but mere humans, it would be impossible for us to pinpoint the one reason that works. Also, we aren’t psychic, so once again, we could only guess whether the guy/girl likes you and even then your guess would be better than ours because its your life! i hope that makes sense.

As for answering questions, yes you can answer your own. For example, if you asked a question about tech help, but you figured out the answer before anyone got around to answering it. Then if you reply to your question, later on some poor flutherer who is going through the same tech problem can search for your question and figure out the answer! That reminds me, before asking a question, always run it through the search bar on the top right to see if it has already been asked. Questions that have to do with people’s opinions about things such as “Favorite quotes” can always be re-asked because we have new members joining daily and that will obviously bring in new opinions! But, if you search for the question and realize it was asked only a week ago, you might want to wait a couple of months before asking it again.

When I ask questions, I usually respond to everyone who answers my question, either because I have a follow up question and/or i just want to thank them for taking the time to answer my question. There isn’t any “fluther etiquette” as such, just follow your common sense and you should get along fine. There are a few fluther rules though that you might want to look over.

As for you particularly, I don’t think you will have any problems with Fluther etiquette since your first question itself was a good, thought-provoking question. I think you will be a great addition to our community! Welcome to Fluther and I hope to see you around :)

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Be punctual, amusing, and give great thought to the answers you give.

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and PLEASE by all means, SEARCH BEFORE POSTING. Because chances are, no matter how original you think your question might be, it may have already been asked a couple of times. : )

Happy fluthering

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Stick to the guidelines – or risk the infamous Removed by fluther moderator post.
Search for the question you want answers to before you post – people who answered the first (10) time(s), might not want to answer again.

Other than that, ask and answer as you want – not as others want. Be original, be unique, be inspiring, be fun!!

edit: and don’t take it too personal if you upset johnpowell – everyone does :)

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And don’t make jokes in serious questions. If someone asks why their cat has stopped eating don’t respond with, “Chuck Norris punched food into your cat.” That isn’t helpful (or funny) and it makes you look like a dick.

Keep the jokes for poll threads. Like “Do you ever give your SO a covered wagon?” Joke around in that kinda crap.

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Man- good to know. As it turns out, I am such a dick.

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why would chuck norris punch food into a cat?

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beacause the cat called him a second rate actor?

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