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For those against the death penalty what would you recommend as a solution to deal with this sort of killer?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) July 30th, 2013

Here is the story about an enraged man on the freeway who killed truck drivers

I remember in my communications class being against the death penalty. This man has allegedly said he wish everyone on the planet were dead and that he hates everyone.

I don’t see a point of him being worked with, studied or etc. What would be the alternative to killing this man?

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Bring back the old fashioned chain gang, Put them to work as they have done before, as long as we (taxpayers) are providing shelter, food, etc., make them work on helping repair roads, buildings, etc., away from the general population under severe guard. This has to be more humane than killing them…

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Have him look after the family left behind (or financially if he is dangerous) from the murder.
Also he is to attend the funeral and explain to everyone that he is the one who murdered the person, and answer to them.

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@talljasperman Did you read the story? He doesn’t give a crap!

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Other people are the worst part of life.

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I am opposed to the death penalty as a pragmatic principle, not as an aversion to social killing. The Political State is generally a fallible and corrupt institution. And in most cases, it should not be given the power to fuck up and kill the wrong person.

If, however, a confession indicates that the convicted is metaphysically guilty, as in this case, then my reservations disappear. At that point they are like rabid animals. They should not be in our midst. We are morally obligated to get rid of them.

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Put them all on an unoccupied island with some basic supplies and let them fend for themselves.

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